Connections on MX and VV

When reading these two articles I could not only draw connections with my life but, I could see a lot of similar things between the articles. When Malcolm X was in the streets hustling people he had very little schooling and little knowledge of the English language. This was soon to change, when we went to prison he started to read and write. It wasn’t easy at first Malcolm would have to skip lines just because he couldn’t pronounce or know what words meant. This only pushed him harder to learn the English language. For a while he stopped reading books and just picked up the dictionary and pushed himself tow write down every word and punctuation. Soon, he had written over 1 million words and expanded his knowledge tremendously. This success story is very similar to Victor Villanueva. When Victor enrolled into his second college he failed in his French Class and his English class. He didn’t give up just like Malcolm didn’t give up. He took a different path to reach his goals. He dropped out of his harder French class and took a easier one which helped understand the language a lot better. When getting a 36/100 on his first English paper he didn’t hang his head down. He was a problem solver, he went to the school library and found books that his professor had published to see what style of writing his teacher was looking for. This seemed to work for most of his English classes and helped him get through college. The connection between these articles is very simple but, very motivating. Both men didn’t  succeed on their first shot at the English language, but they spent a lot of extra time and hard work  to understand English. They both had hardships with being a minority in America, but they looked passed that and pursued what they had a passion for… the English language.

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  1. Some little grammar errors like you put “tow” else than “to”. I like your perspective because you state parts from the book that show how the two can be similar.

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