Crazy Bill!!!

For those who didn’t make it to class today, ¬†they missed a great show from Bill. To start off the conversation, Kat asked Bill what his plans were for the 4th. He had a response that only Bill could say. He said” well I am going to wake up early read everyones blog and think about them all day.” Kat with no hesitation replied your lying. Bill started sing a song that lasted for a minute or two. This was only the start to the crazy morning. Next, we went around the room asking if we blogged last night. My scholars that didn’t do them, Bill asked them to do a head stand. Pretty soon it turned into the whole class trying to do a head stand. I was very surprised, Bill has some pretty good head standing skills!

Our second part, was to blog about our readings. We had to make a comparison and make an argument. When we got done from blogging for 30 minutes, we went back up to get productive criticism  from Bill and my fellow scholars. I learned that it is much easier to see small errors in others writing then mine. When my blog came up everyone gave me great information on how to improve my writing. I really hope my scholars leave more comments on how to improve my writing in the future.


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