No Internet=No Blogging

After post my last blog on Thursday, I got a call from my brother saying he needed to go to Colorado Springs and help run his new business. This meant me and my grandma needed to watch his 3 little kids all weekend. When I arrived in Pagosa Springs, at my grandmas house the craziness had all ready started. The kids were going wild! It proceed to get worse. Later, Friday night after having our own small firework show I could not find my cell phone. Next thing I know I hear a crunching sound… I found my phone but, I have stepped on it with screen down. Long story short, my phone screen wont turn on and now this is my second phone in less than two months. As if things couldn’t get any worse, my grandma on Saturday morning got sick. I am not sure if it was food poising or just a 24 hour flu, but now I have to take care of her also. This weekend was supposed to be a nice relaxing weekend here in Durango, but turned south very fast. I still had a great time with all the nieces and nephew, but I acopmished very little for this class and even had to miss a day of work.


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  1. Kipp — Hang in there! You are doing good work and though life sometimes tosses us rocks rather than roses, rocks are useful. I am sorry for your troubles this past weekend. I am grateful for your persistence in this class. You are almost done, almost crossing the finish line!

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