Great day

Today has been such a great day! Class got done very early and that meant that I could go to work early and finally get off at a decent time. Once I got off work I saw my roommates moving our stuff from the house that we have been staying at for the past month. We got our new apartment located at Hillcrest. Once I walked into the apartment, all of our (heavy stuff) was moved in. That was a huge relief, because we are on the second floor and have to dodge a couple of tree to get to our new place.

Class today, was short and sweet. I still got a lot of information from the class session and set up a time to meet with Bill which of course very nervous and excited about. I am starting to think of different ideas from these past week to argue Bill on what grade I should get. On Monday, I got a lot of great ideas that I didn’t even think of. Questions and statements such as use pictures and graphs. It will I think make it more reader friendly and make the reader want to continue on. The questions that we all asked got my mine turning and thinking of ways to break them down even more.

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  1. Thank you for this note, Kipp. I am glad our class discussion on Monday proved helpful to you. Collaboration is essential to success–in every endeavor. It sounds as if you are very motivated. Good! I look forward to your work, reading your multimodal self-assessment.

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