World Cup USA! USA!

This past Monday the USA played Portugal which is a very strong team in the World Cup. No one including myself, thought that we could beat this power house of a soccer team. I thought that one of the greatest players Ronaldo was going to have a field day and score a hat trick (3 goals). Within the first 10 minutes of the game Portugal was on the board with a quick 1-0 lead. As I was at work watching it on a free online website I could only think negative things about the USA. As time went on in the first 45 minute half the USA had numerous chances form our star Clint Dempsey, my hopes started to go up. In the second half our center mid field Bradly Jones score a impressive goal for about 20 yards deep. This was his first international goal in 24 games. Time continued into the 81st minute when Clint scored what looked like the game winning goal. There was 5 minutes of extra time this is time added on because of injuries or subs. 5 minutes of extra time is a lot most soccer matches have 2-3 minutes. On the very last kick of the game Ronaldo put an amazing cross in and found his team mate who scored the equalizer at 2-2. If the USA would have won this game we would have moved into the knockout road which consist of 16 teams. Now the USA controls there own fait but, can have help front he other teams on our group. This is how our group breaks down.

Germany: Advance with win/draw vs. USA
– United States: Advance with win/draw vs. GER
– Portugal: Advance with win vs. GHA AND GER/USA do not tie, IF POR wins tiebreak with loser
– Ghana: Advance with win vs. POR AND GER/USA do not tie, IF GHA wins tiebreak with loser

Know your audience

Bill has said a lot of important quotes to help us succeeded in writing. The one that really stood out for me is “compose yourself as a human” meaning when composing language you need to know your audience. To me this means a couple of things. First when writing at the college level you need to double and triple check your work because your audience does expect more. If you know your audience, you will know what the expect such as MLA format or a certain page length. My audience in this class is my fellow scholars. As the semester goes on I am knowing more and more about my audience which is helping me critique them and also look to see where I can strengthen my writing up. For our final paper when need to argue with Bill on what grade we deserve to get. Our audience for that paper expects us  to have a lot of good detail and making excellent knowledge. I feel totally confident that i will give my audience for that paper what they want!

Texting and Writing: Instant messaging

When I was allowed to use IM or knew how to finally work it, I was all about the abbreviations. As time went on in middle school I found my self-writing abbreviations such as U for (you), Y (why) and cuz (because). I fell into a really bad habit with the IM lingo. When attending high school and even college I have found my self not using the IM slang, rather I tend to write the entire word. I believe I do this because it makes everything look better, and makes it look like I took your time to write my text or tweet. It is very important for younger students to know the difference from the style you write to your peers, and when correct grammar and spelling is needed. This article ties in completely with Texting and Writing, Concerns about TextSpeak. Michaela Cullinton believes that we as American society have become super lazy. She even got a teacher to weigh in on the conversation saying she spends a lot of extra time revising and talking in class telling her students not to abbreviate in papers.

Some people say that abbreviating is a good writing technique because it helps students find their voice. After seeing that point of view ‘POV’ I agree 100%. In this class Bill really pushes us to find our own voices in our writing. Everyone has a different voice and his or her voice could be maybe texting or IM slang. We as scholars of all ages enjoy this form of composition. Texting is the new form of communication and I think it has taken over the world. Kids to me have become reliable on texting and have in a way become anti social. My grandpa would get so mad at me and even other kids he didn’t know if they where texting at the dinner table. I agree with him I find that very disrespectful. It is also the easiest way to get ahold of someone and the fastest way to get information to one another. There are quite a few positives for both texting and abbreviations but also a lot of negatives. I would like to hear what my fellow scholars think so please comment.

Writing, Technology and Teens. PG 710

This article was very easy to follow and retain the information. I think reading all of the numbers really made this writing (3D) and made me want to finish. The very first stat is 93% of teens tend to write because they love to write. I know that I am not in that 93% but, as this COMP class continues, I find writing more enjoyable. The article continues to report that most teens do not realize that when we are texting, tweeting, and snap chatting, that this is actually a form of composition. Bill really opened my eyes last week when he was saying that composition is everywhere. I never thought about composition as a tweet or a snap chat. Even on social media I try to be as professional as I possibly can because many people will be able to read what I wrote.

The technology that we have today can help us as scholars improve our writing because it is everywhere. Facebook, Google, and online dictionaries are some examples. There is a down side, students can cut corners, such as copy and paste, and having Microsoft Word fix all of the grammar and spelling errors. I think that technology is helping students because everything tool need to write a better paper or get the correct facts is all just a click away.

Online Arguments

People are having arguments over evereything! It is so very easy to pick an argument from your roommates on who needs to clean and do the dishes. To who is the best NBA player of all time and so on. I have found a few arguments online, and people are very opinionated.

Emily Strasser

This is a very strong writing to me because, I could really relate to Emily’s stories and life experiences.  I have had teachers where I was forced to write some I really didn’t do care about so I was not going to put all of my voice into the writing. I have done many writings half-ass just because I wasn’t into the topic. Her teacher Janna made them believe that their 8th grade voices really mattered. That is exactly what Bill is doing with us today. Emily goes on to talk about the college culture life from studying to parties. This is so true college doesn’t encourage a well balanced life style. I would say way more than half of my classes are endless memorizing of dates or certain facts. When writing should be fun and passionate and have a way to connect to your everyday life.


I am glad that this was the first part in the book. As I was reading I started to reflect on pervious papers that I have done in my first year of college. Wow I think I had a lot of mistakes! This is my first time every hearing of this book. I wish I would have known about it before because it would have really helped get better grades on my papers. It will help me on my grammar and sentence structure. Also where to put certain things such as , “ and ;. Whenever I get stuck with grammar I am always going to come back to the easy writer to help me. I think this book should be required for all of the incoming freshmen, because it will help you a lot with your writing.


When I got called up today to take notes for the class all I could think about was CRAP. All of these negative things started to run through my head such as, I am not a great speller and  have pretty bad hand writing. Once I started getting in a flow with taking the notes it was much easier and I got a lot less nervous. But, thank you April for having your great idea on writing our goals on the board. I was very happy that I got to sit down and take notes on my paper. I am not a big fan of the whiteboard note taking not because of those reasons of being nervous. When I was up there I felt that I wasn’t a big part of the class or included into the conversation. Also I missed a lot of stuff when I could have been taking notes for myself. I understand the concept of the whiteboard, if you missed something you can just look up and take their notes. Like we said on the first day we wont be able to write everything down. So if you missed something it will be alright because you will have enough notes already. I’m not a big fan of the whiteboard so please leave a comment on what you think of the whiteboard notes!

Easy Writer

I seem to find it very strange and hard to believe that in the book Easy Writer there is a section with only three pages on how to use this book. To me when I see that ratio I think the book will be very easy to figure out since there are only three small pages on how to use it. I also think the author put that there because it is hard sometimes to pick up something and be good at it. Like this book it might take people a while to learn how to use it, so in a way it is like a little shove to get you started in the right direction. I do like these three simple pages i have already used them twice since getting my book today.