Self Assessments

Self 2 

On the second week of class I can really see how Bill is pushing us to be a better researcher and how to ask better question to find out more about each other. I really liked how Bill helped out Jen when she didn’t know a phrase “life of the mind.” He didn’t just go to another person who knew it. Bill had a 10 minute talk with only asking question to Jen till at the very end she figured out what that quote meant. I can use this is so many ways instead of just say oh well I don’t know it and just continue  reading. I can now look at a word or phrase and think about it in a different way by breaking it down to simpler terms. Along with breaking down words or phrases this will help me put more detail into my writing because, I will have a better understanding on what I am researching about.

Self 1

I feel that I am talking and participating more in this class than any other class. I know that there are only 9 of us but, I took a summer class last year with 7 of us and I didn’t participate as much as I do in this class. The reason why I think I am talking more in is because I truly feel that there is no wrong answer in this class. This class has been somewhat easy because I am taking very good notes, which helps me when I write and work on my blog. This so called, ‘write everything down’ is a first for me but it is really helping me retain information and write better papers.

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