Bull Sharks: Bull or Shark?

Bull-SharkCarcharhinus Leucas or Bull sharks are large powerful animals who lurk in the oceans murky waters. Bull sharks are stalky in size with blunt noses, small eyes and triangular saw edged teeth. Their dorsal side (upper) of the body is grey in color and their ventral side (lower) of the body is white in color. They are found throughout the world, a sympatric species meaning they come from a single line of ancestors and have inhabited the same geographical region over time. The sharks breed by internal fertilization, and can give birth to 1-13 pups after about a yearlong gestation period. One biological aspect that is interesting about the Bull shark is their habitation. Bull sharks inhabit shallow waters in bays, estuaries, rivers and lakes. Unlike most sharks, they have the ability to swim in fresh waters because they are able to adapt the filtration of fluids in their body by the process of osmoregulation.tibu1am5 Bull sharks are also one of the most aggressive sharks, alongside great white sharks and tiger sharks, all of which have been known to attack humans. Since they hunt their food in tropical, shallow, murky waters, often times attacks occur where people swim or fish recreationally. Bull sharks are known to be more docile in clear water habitats, meaning the sharks are less aggressive when the water has clear visibility. The Bull shark gets their name from not only their blunt nose but, they head butt their prey before attacking. Although the Bull shark is not considered an endangered species, their numbers are dwindling due to shark fishing for their hide, oil and meat.

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