Confidence Is Key.

After spending a day being a participant observer in Geology 170 known as Earth Shock, I now know William Mangrums’ COMP 250 class has better prepared me for other college courses.  For most kids in geology being awake and present at ten a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday is not a priority. On February 16th there were at least four people who walked in late. Once class started, the professor turned off the lights creating a very dark room, and began the lecture which happened to be watching YouTube videos on volcanoes. About halfway through the video, I began to look around the class to see what students were doing. Half of the forty-seven students were on their phones, another fourth of them were zoned out or asleep and studentsthe last quarter of them were actually paying attention. This kind of behavior would not be tolerated in Mangrums’ class, after being in Earth Shock and comparing my behavior with others in the class, I have noticed myself becoming more focused and on task. Not to mention actually awake and ready to speak when called on. The class also forms groups to work on in class projects, the first time we were asked to work together, I was timid and listened rather than participated. Thanks to Mangrums’ class, I now have the confidence to initiate conversation and begin working. Unlike a lot of college courses Earth Shock is a pretty laid back class but, that doesn’t mean the students should be any less present because it is easier. On Monday February ninth a surprise quiz was given, the test was fairly difficult but, because I had been paying attention in class I new the majority of the material. Due to Mangrums’ class, I now have what it takes to be successful in any college course if I set my mind to it.

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