Critical Thinking… Yup, It’s Critical

Critical thinking is a widely used phrase among scholars.  It signifies a process; a process of deep thought, open mindedness, and research that is tailored to each individual’s strengths and beliefs (Tayler Hahn, Ashley Garcia). Unique from everyone else’s, my philosophy is outlined below:

My Personal Critical Thinking Formula

  1. Identify the subject of interest (this semester I will focus on spirituality)
  2. Remembering to remain open minded, move on to the next step
  3. Perform research on the topic                                                                                                                     a. Find scientific studies about my topic and analyze the results                                 b. Perform my own studies related to the research topic (if possible)
  4. Once research has been performed (and only then) choose a stance on the issue
  5. Write about the topic in a way that articulates my findings to my peers