Diving Into Authorship

After reading Authoring Your Life by Baxter, Magolda, I have thought about possible themes for a research topic.

  • Intuition
  • Do college students make their own choices? Or do they still make choices based off of their parents and other external influences.
  • Spirituality
  • Compare it to this generation.

So far, I’m most interested in my second point.

Take a Step Outside

A lab I did in Geology was designed to help us “critically think”. We had to analyze certain rock formations and decide how they formed without help from our professor. There was no diagram that clearly pointed out layers or textbook definitions.

Critical thinking follows that process.  It can be achieved by these steps:

  • Analyze your subject:  In order to determine how the rocks were formed, I needed to note everything possible, color, texture, location, and odd structures.
  • Question everything: Why are the rocks tilted like that? What could have caused it?
  • Engage with others: I thought it was a fault zone but someone else deduced it was a volcanic intrusion. What was their reasoning compared to mine? As Ashley said, we need to be “looking at subjects from multiple perspectives.”

These steps may be simple, but the process can help evaluate any idea or subject. To critically thing, I needed to step “outside” the classroom  and apply what I had learned to real situations.