Classroom Experience

New Knowledge Discovered

Todays Classroom experience on Tuesday February 17, 2015  was indeed a shocking and relatable coversation to me. What we covered in class about “Phenomenology” – Study of lived experienced. I discovered from this discussion that Interviewing a person and following up with more questions, “getting into a person mind”. I have been doing with people I have barely met. I have interviewed friends of mine, but didn’t look at it as an interview. I looked at it has just listening and showing that I care to listen to them, the questions I have asked  the people I met relate to the follow up questioning of what we covered in class today. In class we talked about focusing on the topic they were talking bout, asking questions that relate to what they were talking about, and focusing on the discrete moment, exact feelings or emotions. This was exactly what I was doing when I was listening and asking questions to these people I have met. While I was asking my questions I would asks questions to where they can trust me with their answers, and still feel safe.

When William Mangnum interviewed Gino, I had an internal mind flashback conversations with the people I talked with or “interviewed.” How Mangnum got deep inside Gino’s experience with his first kiss was incredible, Mangnum found away to bring out Gino’s emotional feelings, thoughts, and physical feelings about what had happened with Gino’s first kiss experience. Its like a mindful trick game, but being careful with the questions you ask, and not to go off topic. While I had this flashback of questions I asked the people I met, It seemed like I took a very similar process to get deep inside their minds to share with me how they felt, what they experienced, and theorized how it affected them at the moment and after the moment. This part takes it back to where Mangrum says,” We discovered a human experience, our past experiences or events, shapes out how we act, but we don’t think about it.”

What I experienced in class today was a reveal of my self knowledge that existed within me, but didn’t know their was a type of word for it like “Phenomenology” or a process of it, just like what we covered in class today.

Music Business

The Music Industry

    The Music Industry is a tough inpianodustry to get into, but if your willing to be honest with yourself about both your talents and your short-term goals you can excel in the music profession that your skills involves. You could be good at creating musical beats, but poor at reading musical notes. You might be bad at organizing, but a great negotiator. A great skill to have if your shooting to be a manager, booking agent or road manager. The Point is, the skill you have can excel in some areas more than others. The plan is to acknowledge these differences and then put your best foot forward, taking steps to compensate for the limitations you have.

    Whether its wanting to become a musician, recording engineer, or songwriter, putting yourself out their and showing your talents and skills will open up new opportunities for you. Take every opportunity that involves what you love and want to do. This will not only show people your talents, but you will gain friends and followers who will support you in your musical goals. Very important for those who want to become a musician, producer or rock star. As long as you work hard and stay focus, you will get new opportunities that will lead you in the direction of your musical career goals.

   If your willing to follow your dreams and land a career in the music industry you have to develop some characteristics that will help you become successful. Some characteristics that will benefit you would be, dressing for success, being reliable, being prepared, taking ownership, and having confident in your creations. Other aspects that would help are finding a mentor and never stop learning. Successful people in the music industry are willing to give back, so don’t be afraid to reach out to these successful people in the music industry. If your hard working and motivated, these people will be inspired to help you. Never stop learning new technology or skills that will help you become a better person in the music industry.