My Class Experience 29 Wednesday 2014

I knew something was up when William asked if everyone was in class because when he does it means we are going to do something special. Then we he told us we were going to sit outside for class I was actually happy because I was kinda feeling in a funk, the best way to get out of a funk is to try something different. When we got in a circle and William started to hand out candy I was thinking of my meal plan for working out but told myself it was bulking season and I need to get fat for the winter and hopefully build mass. I ate the candy with no regrets at all. I got nervous when it came to the possibility of being called upon to give our version of what William had said. In the end I didn’t get called on so it was great, it was nice to hear what others had to say. I loved sitting on the grass even though my left leg feel asleep.


My class experience for Monday October 27th 2014

My class experience with the moving around after every writing was a new and foreign experience. I did like how William gave us some topics to write about in the second writing. I am glad I was not called, my story was kinda weird. About how many licks it took to get to the center of a tootise pop and how I lost count and ended nuking the whole world by pressing the button with my left foot. Other scholars in class had some really good stories, I am not very good at creative writing so I was already at a disadvantage. The first writing was more my speed, as in I did not have the expectation that I would have to read my writing out loud. I did like the nonstop writing for a set amount of time.

Relating the word “Serious” to the class

Leighton Denetsosie

William L. Mangrum

COMP 150 / SEC. 12

28 October 2014


                  When I think of the word serious and how it relates to this class, the first thing that comes to mind other wise known as my source of knowledge, is that everybody is serious in the sense that they want to hear what William has to say because they value his words. I also refer to how the scholars who come to class are always consistent to show up in class. That shows the dedication the scholars possess and should be proud of, most aren’t shown the appreciation that they deserve for being serious. The ability for the scholars to be responsible for their grades lets them know that they are actually being treated as equals and not subservient beings who are looked down upon which most have experienced at one point or another. In that class the word “Serious” is not the dictionary version but the meaning is actually felt rather than just a sentence on a piece of paper which would be what the average student would but not the average scholar would think.

My Class Notes 24 October 2014

  • (SEC. 12) not (Section 12)
  • Italics not in quotation marks
  • Turn signals are a convention, they signal to other that you’re going to make a signal
  • Be Consistent
  • Don’t in the title unless it is
  • Double space preliminary matter!!!!
  • Don’t use Bill but Mangrum
  • 11 TNR
  • Blogs- Structure 3 parts
  • 1 Notes from today
  • 2 Only after 4 hour break, write an essay about the word serious and how it relates to the class
  • 3 relating serious to high school and college
  • Students aren’t pushed to make connections between classes
  • Site- another making of knowledge(papers, blogs, texts and conventions, etc.)
  • Pushing to understand language
  • Pushing to understand commonly held assumptions about what writing is
  • Pushing how language works
  • Become critical thinkers
  • +Serious, what does it mean?
  • Precious “Something that is not kidding around”
  • Luke “Solemn attempt to accomplish something”
  • Norene “Luke tried to explain serious but couldn’t”
  • Sydney”Serious Texas BBQ”
  • CJ”Think of it as a tone”
  • Ami “Disiplined”
  • Katie”Attempt on ones part to make themselves understood”
  • Bean”Communicating something important with conviction”
  • Carli”Deep thought”
  • Sam”Motivated and driven mindset”
  • Norene “Legitimate and persistent”
  • Justin Lopez “Full bodied attempt”
  • Justin(Philosopher) “An emotion that matches the magnitude”
  •  deGraw “Affirming the importance of a situation”
  • Kevin “Direct and the expectation on the action of something “
  • James “An adjective”

Group Reading September 26 2014

The group I was assigned to was group 5 which included Bean, Mitchell and Katie. We met up in the classroom to make it convenient for everyone. After we got in a circle and decided to read from Mitchell to Katie to Bean to finally me. I liked how the group interacted with one another. After we finished taking turns reading to page 11 we looked at the time and decided we didn’t have enough time to read the 11 pages again so we decided to work on our sentence. I liked the group I was sent to and if I had to work with them again I would. The font of the paper was hard to read at times.

My Class Notes September 24 2014

  • Bill wants the scholars to fully use the time given to them when given time on task
    • Rearrange paragraphs
    • Think for the reader
    • Work it
    • Play with language
    • Understand words and you be ahead of the game
    • Command some shit
    • If you can go back to see the words that make your eyes glaze over then you win
    • Oxford dictionary
    • First
    • On computer
    • Microsoft word
    • Click file
    • Scroll down to options
    • Proof under option
    • Click readability box
    • Save
    • Second
    • Click review
    • Click spell check then save
    • Feedback loops come from reading out aloud
    • Being noticed
    • Shyness
    • Language can open or close doors
    • Logos Ethos Pathos

My notes from Monday in class

  • My major is psychology
  • By hearing what the scholars had to say I could try to think how they think
  • Or know the process from which they came to a conclusion then said it aloud to the class
  • Behaviorism is a good topic of psychology to relate to the class
  • I want to know what makes people them and not someone else
  • Hearing them tell the class what their version of query was a good example