Conquer English to Make China Strong: The Globalization of English

I didn’t read this entire article in Ch. 9 of language. After reading the first paragraph I feel like I have everything I need to know. There is this major spread of the English language that has been happening all over the world. English has become a second language in many countries. According to Henry Hitchings this is because of shipping, diplomacy, computing, medicine and education. Also because English is the language of business and popular culture.

The US is what it is because of immigrants. We have very diverse cultures all over the US that no other country has. Why is it that English is the most widespread language versus Chinese? If you look at the tag of almost every item you can purchase in a store, it says that it was made in China. China makes most of our imports yet Chinese isn’t a second language for us. I feel like it’s almost as if America wants it this way. We want to be the dominant culture. Anyone who knows how to use language has power. If the whole world can speak our language than we have power and control.

I know this might be a little extreme, but that’s what was going through my head. I would love to hear your opinion.