Tone of Voice Matters


I am writing this to get it off my chest. I am going to try and be very general and not name people/places so that this doesn’t come back to haunt me…

So this morning I’m commenting on Candice’s post about using words as weapons, and one of the things I said is that your tone of voice has a lot do with how words can hurt. As I’m writing this I called a doctor’s office to have them send something to my dad. The lady said that she couldn’t because of patient confidentiality. This irritated me because another office did it without any problem, but that’s beside the point. It was the way she said it to me. When she answered the phone she sounded uninterested and annoyed that she had to talk to someone on the phone. As I was talking to her she kept the same persona and did not try to help me.

There was more that I needed to say and ask her about, but I was so mad at the way she was talking to me that I hung up. She didn’t say any hurtful words, but it was all about the tone of her voice. Because of her tone, it made me feel stupid and like I was wasting her time. She should have sounded upbeat when answering the phone, she should have been compassionate when telling me no, and she should have been more pleasant during the whole conversation. When talking to patients/customers/clients you should always have a pleasant tone. Even if you have to fake it, I would NEVER intentionally use a negative tone with my customers. Good customer service is so hard to find nowadays…

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