English language is taking over

English language is taking over

Globish is a term for 1,500 keys words that everyone can understand. This could be a good way to effectively communicate with people all over the world especially when it comes to international business. It would be a lot easier if we could communicate with each other if we all spoke the same language. But isn’t the beauty of language that we have so many different languages? In a way, it gives you an identity. It’s something that is unique to you, yet you can connect with other people who share this identity. So having a global language would take away from what makes a culture.

Why is it that English the dominant language? Henry Hitchings explains that English is symbolic of modernity, work, higher education, commerce, economics, and science and technology. Many people in other countries are learning English so that they can get a good job. To them, being able to speak English means they have opportunity for a better life.

Because of British colonialism, English first began to spread. Today, English continues to spread because it is in demand. Almost like a commodity, there is a need for people to speak and understand the English language. We want more English speakers and we will pay for them.

I think English has spread so rapidly also because we make the effort to expand our culture onto other cultures. We connect with all different parts of the world through business, volunteer work, war, and other ways that I can’t think of at the moment. There’s this notion that we want to be top dog, and that we want to have power. I believe this to be true, that we immerse our country into the affairs of other countries. We are trying to control what goes on in these other countries, so that they have to depend on us, or so they become our ally.

We could spend hours trying to piece together all of the reasons that English has become the global language. Why do you think English is so dominant? Do you think we should have a global language?


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