As I was walking back to my room after class today I kept thinking about the conversation we had about the voices in our head. The negative words that we have heard from others, or the ones we make up about ourselves that stay with us. They follow us where ever we go and they continue to evolve as we grow older. Why is it so hard to get them out of our heads, and why do they keep coming back? My answer is because we allow them to.

The mind is a very complicated object, but for a lot of us, we have control over our mind. We have the power to stop those voices or to let them continue to break us down. We have these conversations with ourselves. You are doing this to yourself. So it’s important that you don’t let the voices take control of your life. You have to find it within yourself to fight back.

Whenever I am having negative thoughts, I try to reason with myself. I question if my thoughts are rational or if I’m telling myself a bunch of bullshit. For me, it’s best when I carry on the conversation and try to work it out into a positive conversation, or at least come to terms with it. There are those recurring thoughts that don’t seem to go away, and at that point it’s time to make a change. My point is, is that being active helps. Actively thinking, or moving your body so that you don’t dwell.

I liked how in class we had this short conversation. It kept me thinking about the topic, and now I am blogging! The last week of classes are always hard weather you have one class or four classes. They are stressful because things are about to change, final assignments are almost due as well as your final grade. I think it’s easy to loose motivation and give in to those voices. Today’s class was very powerful because we discussed that we all share stressors, and we each have our ways of dealing with them.

The voices in your head


One thought on “Voices…

  1. Thank you for this piece. Blogging works well for exactly this sort of piece. I think most everyone walking out of a class has thoughts about the class, the discussion, the subject. Blogging affords us an immediate opportunity to take our thinking out into the open, making knowledge public. I encourage you to continue your blogging beyond this class, beyond this summer.

    Also, I agree with you about “words” and the horrible tales we tell ourselves. Thank you for making this contribution to our ongoing discussion.

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