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William L Mangrum

William L Mangrum

COMP 126 / Section 8

9 June 2014

Dr. Mangrum’s Adjusted MLA Format Guidelines for COMP 126

            This sample paper follows guidelines established by the Modern Language Association (MLA) with minor modifications for this course. COMP 126 students must submit all course work in this format unless discussed and excepted in advance by Dr. Mangrum. “The Craft of Research” is an academic course in research and writing; you will be held accountable for these details. Students following this format will succeed. Students making the choice–and it is a free society that we live in — will not succeed in THIS course. Of course, MLA is not the only set of conventions. However, MLA is the set of conventions guiding the production of knowledge in the Writing Program at Fort Lewis College.

Here is a list of twenty steps to formatting a successful academic paper.

  1. Open MS WORD on your computer.
  2. Make a file folder for COMP 126 – save this to “YOUR” drive on the FLC server.
  3. Title and save each new document before writing. Also, save your work often!
  4. Set one-inch margins for the entire document—including the preliminary matter.
  5. Set font style for the entire paper including ‘Works Cited’ as Times New Roman.
  6. Set font size for the entire paper—again all parts without exception—as 12 pts.
  7. Set the document line spacing as double spaced except for lists and block quotes.
  8. Set first line indents—for each new paragraph of the body—as a half inch.
  9. Toggle “No Extra Space” between paragraphs on the paragraph menu.
  10. Set document pagination—see example below, follow this sequence exactly.
  11. Set the “Front” or “Preliminary Matter” exactly as follows (see above too):
    1. Student Name (YOUR name, not my name!)
    2. Professor Name (First and last name, include middle initial, without title)
    3. Course / Section Number (always place one space before and after the / )
    4. Date in European Format (9 June 2014)
  12. Set the title—no italics, no bold, no underline, same type, same font, centered.
  13. Type a draft—revise, revise, revise—then proof document from the end-to-front.
  14. Under the last line, on last page of the essay body, insert document word count.
  15. Print the document on clean paper, using one side only.
  16. Put the finish copy of top, then a series of drafts, outlines and notes at the bottom.
  17. Three-hole punch all documents so they can be cleanly inserted in your binder.
  18. Staple finished paper together with drafts and notes in the upper left corner.
  19. Keep your documents clean and neat for presenting to Professor Mangrum
  20. Do not email your papers. Assignments are due at start of the designated class.

(Words: 415)

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