Why mixing caffeine with your alcohol is a bad idea

Drink Hard or don’t even bother. Research shows that mixing        caffeine with your drink is happening in colleges campuses all around.

dangers of mixxing energy drinks with alcohol red bull

Ever since the rise in the energy drink market in the 1900s, mixing your drink with caffeine has been popular among college students.

Researchers have shown that the dangerous mixture makes people more likely to drive drunk or take stupidity to a higher level.


The dependency that college students have with caffeine are directly related toward their arrival upon college. To deal with the hectic life that college brings to them, from  assignments to social events or for energy in general. Caffeine is a must for students.

Young woman resting after reading and drinking coffee
Young woman resting after reading and drinking coffee

Fueled by ambitions and new found freedom, nearly half of all college students have reported to mix caffeine and alcohol while at a party. When consumed, certain doom will spell for the young consumers struggling with the hectic demands of college.


Heighten aftermath consisting of academic, physical, sexual and legal consequences are reported with this dangerous mixture.

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