We learn something new everyday.

Tuesday’s class discussion on February 17, 2015, was interesting indeed. The class was not too engaging this time around but it did contain a lot of observation and listening. On Tuesday we learned how to conduct a phenomenology interview. A phenomenology interview according to William Mangrum, is the study of lived experience. This particular interview must contain trust between the interviewer and interviewee. This particular way to interview is unique because it is open-ended meaning you start with one question and continue to draw on that question until you really dig deep into a situation whereas a typical interview where people bring a set of questions to ask but no data is really collected. On that note, Mangrum interviews a fellow scholar in class Gino Poli. The interview is based on Gino’s experience with his first kiss. Automatically the question and interview becomes awkward because Gino must describe is first kiss not only to the Professor but to a class of scholars that he doesn’t know on a personal level. In the interview Mangrum is constantly asking how he felt, why he felt the way he did, and why does he describe certain things the way he did. For example Mangrum asked how his first kiss was and Gino answers “it was horrible” and Mangrum then asks “what do you mean by horrible that is an interesting word to use?” With that particular question, the Professor including the class was able to understand what he meant because Gino’s definition of horrible can mean the exact opposite of how everyone else defines horrible. After the interview with Gino, Mangrum gives another scholar, Sarah, the opportunity to conduct her own phenomenology interview. Overall the class discussion on Tuesday was something new but it was interesting. Gives me a heads up of what scholars do on a daily basis do and what i know to expect in the future.

My Major

When I am asked about my major in college, i always respond “Public health.” After telling my major the person who asked me looks puzzeled and they ask me what public health is. Public health is focusing on a community or population health rather than just one patient at a time. Public healh’s concern is what needs to be done o solve a community problem such as an outbreak of the flue in a certain region. Public health with everything from the people to the environment. Public health has three different career categories which are the allied health, environmental health, and psychosocial health. For me I am majoring in the Public Health Allied.