A Bio 113 Class

I arrived at my biology class several minutes earlier than usual. Sitting near the back of the class, I noticed that there were hardly any people in my vicinity. This made me feel uneasy and I considered moving to a more populated area. But, as I expected, by the time class had started, almost all of the seats were full. Someone behind me asked his neighbor about what he missed from the previous class and I began to shuffle through my notes in an attempt to remember what we had done. I saw several doodles and they looked pretty good. This prompted me to work on a few drawings until we started taking notes.

As the class took notes, several students asked questions about the material we were covering. I noticed that there were only three people who regularly ask questions. I came to the conclusion that these people didn’t have trouble understanding what we were learning, but were trying to impress the teacher.

I noticed that a girl two rows ahead of me had a tattoo behind her ear. It crudely depicted a house with two letters inside of it. My focus temporarily strayed from note taking and I began to ponder what this tattoo could mean.

By the time we had finished taking notes, I was very hungry. As the class came to a close, this hunger occupied most of my thoughts. Before long, we were dismissed and I packed up my things, ready for lunch.

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