Participant Observation in Sociology of Sport

On Friday, the 13 of February, my class watched a film in Sociology of Sport. It was a documentary of collegiate athletes, and the amount of power that the NCAA has over all athletes. There are several classmates that are a part of athletic teams here at Fort Lewis, and to see their reactions, and hear their opinions on the matter was very intriguing. The documentary stated the fact that collegiate athletes get many benefits, but are also under close inspection, and have to follow strict rules.  Many of division athletes feel that they should be paid for brining in profit for the school.  Athletes are treated like celebrities on the field, but once they return back to their dorms they do not have any food in the refrigerator, and empty bank accounts to pay for extra food.  A football player, who sits next to me was very captivated by the arguments presented by the film, and nodded and verbalized his agreement. While a soccer play who sits three seats in front of me was dozing off during the whole class. It was very interesting to see the athletes, and the non athletes react to what the film said. I personally agree with the majority of the arguments. Allowances need to be made for athletes. The biggest problem I have encountered as a student athlete  is providing enough food for my body. With strange practice times, it is not always easy to nourish my body properly. I believe that the NCAA should not have as much power as they have.



Music major

As an undeclared major, I question everyday what I want to do when I graduate college.  As of right now I am taking a lot of general classes, trying to get those out of the way, and feel out what professions might be of interest to me. One of the majors that has reached my interest is music. I have been a pianist for 12 years. Piano has always been a big part of my life, it was a way for me to relax, but engage my brain at the same time. I could forget about my day, and focus on the notes on the sheet of music I was given. I have not taken any musical classes yet this year. It has come to my attention in the past few weeks that getting a degree in music is a big possibility. Piano was always a rewarding challenge. Getting a new piece of music is exciting, but frustrating at the same time. Teaching your fingers what keys to hit, when to hit those keys, and what pace the song should be played. When I am finally able to play the song correctly, and easily, it is the best feeling. Another reason majoring in music has come to my attention is because of my former piano teacher, and my family. My for teacher was an incredible pianist, instructor, and friend. I always admired her ability to pick a piece of music, and sight read it. Her sight reading ability made it seem as though she had been practicing for weeks. It was such a blessing to have her as a role model. My family has also influenced me musically. My mother, and all of my extended family is very talented when it comes to music. Whether singing, or playing an instrument, my family is very talented. I have acquired their love for music, and I think it would be a good way to focus my time and energy while here at college.