A. Diversity is important to leadership because people who have different experiences often have different strengths and those strengths can create a great leader or a great group of leaders.

B. I think there is tension around the topic of diversity. Often times, when discussing diversity specific groups of people tend to get ostracized and those groups of people feel attacked. This can lead to more polarization of people and their views. I think one of the ways to alleviate this is issue is to keep an open mind and to value other peoples opinions.

Benefits of Leadership

A. I think leaders should have certain qualities. I think one of those qualities should be the ability to take on others perspective. I would hope that all leaders have the desire to lead people toward a greater good. I don’t think that leaders need to fit a mold.


B. I think leaders gain credibility by listening, being consistent, being responsible, and trustworthy. It is important to have a good track record and a good reputation.


C. The purpose of leadership is to guide people to a common goal. Ideally, the purpose of leadership would be to lead people to something good and virtuous.

D. Individuals can cause harm as leaders. There have been very effective leaders in the past that have been great leaders so much so that they have lead people to do awful things.

Leadership Theory

A. I feel that my leadership theory would incorporate the importance of intrinsic motivation. Follower are given guidance only when asked for. Open communication between leaders and followers is essential. Leaders are expected to give clear instructions to followers and are expected to lead by example.

B. Theory is important to understand when it comes to leadership so we can apply components of leadership into our own leadership values.

C. There can never be enough research on what makes an effective leader and how to most effectively lead people.


A. My top five strengths were Harmony, Learner, Discipline, Focus, and Restorative. Each strength is important part of  who I am as a leader.

My number one strength is harmony. While initially I felt that harmony was not my number one strength, as a leader, I have come to realize how harmony plays an important role in my life. As an individual, I strive to make people get along. Harmony is the foundation to my perspective on life. I have always believed that everyone should be able to live their lives however they see fit. I think I have developed this attitude of “live and let live” because I want there to be harmony. I apply this attitude when dealing with residents or when dealing with the opinions of others.

My second strength is “Learner”. Learning is a large part of my life. As a student, I learn everyday. I can use my desire to learn to better myself and others. Whether I am learning about anatomy or I am learning life experience, I will always be able to apply learning in my life to make myself grow and to help others grow.

My third strength is discipline. Discipline is what allows me to be methodical in everything I do. I work with a plan so I can execute the task efficiently. With this type of structure I can problem solve and be precise with everything I do. This could be applied at work, in an incident, at school, or in everyday life.

Focus makes me goal oriented. In combination with discipline I am both a big picture and detail oriented person. If I have an objective I will be able to achieve it because of my strength in focus. Focus can be applied with assignments for work or general life. Having a long term plan for action leads to results.

Restorative is my final strength. Restorative allows me to problem solve. When combined with my other strengths I can find problems among people and fix them (Harmony) or I can find problems in life that will ultimately need a goal to be set (Focus). I could also apply learning to my restorative tendency and use an situation as a lesson and then work to solve the problem.

B. Throughout the course of Leadership And Enrichment Development, I have pin pointed my values. I value responsibility, accountability, and kindness. These impact me as a leader because I am able to be a strong and kind leader.

C. I believe leadership is the ability to guide others through a task. I think an important part of being a leader is to help your followers grow to become strong leaders while guiding them through their tasks. I think good leaders use their followers strengths to make their team full strong in every area. A good leader also helps their followers work on their weaknesses. I think my view of leadership has changed a lot because of LEAD. LEAD has taught me that everyone has different strengths. Each strength is equally as valued as the other and that you should use people’s top strengths to make the group better.

D.  LEAD has taught me a lot of useful life skills including networking, resume building, and mediation. I feel that LEAD has allowed me to view myself as a leader. LEAD has cultivated me into the leader I wanted to be. I didn’t know that I could the leader I am today. I hope to use my new found leadership skills in nursing. I hope to use my skills beyond myself and help others find their inner leader.