Work and School

Not every college student works full time and goes 16 credit hours at a college. It takes a person with strong time management to manage such a feat without failing. There is the time you are in class and the time spent on homework out of class. There is then the time spent at work, which hopefully doesn’t overlap your school time. All of this work and so little time in the week. When you add in sleep it doesn’t leave much time for yourself. These dilemmas and how to hopefully solve them will be the subject of my next blogs.

Lesson of the Day: Whether you call it work or school it all is work.

2 thoughts on “Work and School

  1. The real struggle with working full time and going to school at the simultaneously, at least for me was actually being able to excel in both. Often I ended up sacrificing time for something and it would affect both my grades and my job performance. And this was just from working part time, I’m looking forward to reading on how you manage your time to succeed with both because I was unable to do so. Do you prioritize work over school (or vice versa)? How do you determine your priorities?

  2. This seems very useful in any major or line of work, we all have to manage our time well to be successful. I look forward to some tips in this blog.

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