Time Management

Part of working and going to school, is time management. Being able to alot time to both your work and your school, while maintaining a decent sleep cycle and doing homework. The school and work hours are usually set it stone, it is what you do with the rest of the time that really matters. Doing homework 20 minutes before its due is not going to work all of the time. There will be instances where life happens or the time you have is just not enough. Though I do not always follow this rule myself, I suggest always trying to do your homework right after you are done with your last class of the day. Now having time for a social life and homework is a balance that I myself sometimes have a hard time keeping. I want to hangout with my friends who doesn’t. Often times I will cut into my sleeping hours and then I am tired the next day and not preforming at my best.

I suggest sitting down with a weekly planner and see just how many free hours you have and when they are. Then go through and fill them in with homework time and social time. Give yourself a little more time than you need for homework and spend the rest doing what you want.

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