Everyone procrastinates sometimes. This could be a downfall for someone with a busy schedule. Putting things off till it is to late to do them or until there is not enough time to finish. I have run in to this occasionally where I do not finish something that is due and turn it in incomplete or not at all. This is where procrastination turns into just not doing something. However I believe there is a big difference between procrastination and not doing something. Procrastination while still getting the job done is not a bad thing. It may add a little bit of stress because you have not completed it yet but if you get it done you get it done.

I have begun to prefect procrastinating to an art. As long as you allot enough time to getting something done. Then there is not a lot of difference between getting something down now or later. As long as you are not skipping something else then┬áthere is no fowl. For example I procrastinated on getting this post done, but I still have it done on time. I’m not sacrificing anything to get it done (maybe a little sleep.)

Lesson: Procrastinating is not a bad thing when combined with time management and as long as you get the task done

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