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I was born a California girl, where there were nice cars, fancy houses and expensive clothing. A life style I never lived due to my families economic state. I looked out at the world through young eyes wanting to have a life full of these rich things. I understood that I would have to take action now if I was going to achieve this in my future. I started by working jobs around the house for my parents and saving every bit of change I made. I then worked hard to get really good grades in high school to get into college. I now attend Fort Lewis College and will be majoring in business.

Throughout high school I have never worked a real job. This hurt a little when I went to apply for jobs because I had no prior job exspirence. Before School started I found twelve jobs that were hiring in Durango, applied for five and was hired at four. I now work two jobs for a total of 40-46 hours a week. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I work from six a.m. to 10 p.m. The morning at one of them and the afternoon at the other. Combine this with school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I’m a busy girl. During my free time I will be blogging on the subject and hope that maybe I can help others cope with the ride.

Leah Starr

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