Energy and Where I get it

Some of my friends asked me how I do it. I told them I just do it. They always ask if I drink energy drinks or something like that. I told them no I don’t drink coffee, I don’t drink energy drinks. I don’t drink any kind of energy boosters that are bad for you I don’t even drink powerade. What I do do is eat healthy and get lots of sleep. Sleep is crucial to being able to work 16 hours a day and is also crucial for your brain to be able to think when you’re doing school work. Now I admit there have been a few times that I fall asleep in class. That’s simply because I sometimes don’t get enough sleep. Always say that seven hours is the minimum amount of sleep you need. Its best if you get it around eight or nine.

Breakfast is something that I didn’t use to eat. I realize the air when I didn’t have enough energy during the day. When I started eating breakfast I found that I was able to work better and have a decent amount of stamina. When working your body needs more calories to keep up with all the energy putting siding is never a bad thing when you’re working that much.

Lesson of the day: don’t try to get a energy from things that are bad for me get it from our natural way, eating. Also remember to get lots of sleep.

Honesty in Everything You Do

I know I have not blogged a long time. I will be honest part of it was my fault and part of it was my crazy scheduling with the holidays. There were times I probably could of blogged but I chose to sleep or get my other homework done. Right before Thanksgiving I started working every day I was not in school. The holidays require more from employes who work in retail because the stores become more busy, with people buying Christmas presents. My first job started getting more delivery trucks in, so instead of unloading Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Now it is Tuesday through Sunday. I then had to work every Sunday morning bright and early at 6am to 1pm unloading truck. My other job that I work is under new management and one of the requirements now is everyone has to work on Sundays, so every day since then I’ve been working Sundays. It’s been a very busy schedule and I had some trouble juggling everything around though I promise now to write at least twice every day so that catch up my readers on everything that I have not been able to share. Thank you for your patience with no level try to make it up to you all.

Lesson of the day: Always be honest with those around you and your credibility will rise.


Everyone procrastinates sometimes. This could be a downfall for someone with a busy schedule. Putting things off till it is to late to do them or until there is not enough time to finish. I have run in to this occasionally where I do not finish something that is due and turn it in incomplete or not at all. This is where procrastination turns into just not doing something. However I believe there is a big difference between procrastination and not doing something. Procrastination while still getting the job done is not a bad thing. It may add a little bit of stress because you have not completed it yet but if you get it done you get it done.

I have begun to prefect procrastinating to an art. As long as you allot enough time to getting something done. Then there is not a lot of difference between getting something down now or later. As long as you are not skipping something else then there is no fowl. For example I procrastinated on getting this post done, but I still have it done on time. I’m not sacrificing anything to get it done (maybe a little sleep.)

Lesson: Procrastinating is not a bad thing when combined with time management and as long as you get the task done

Time Management

Part of working and going to school, is time management. Being able to alot time to both your work and your school, while maintaining a decent sleep cycle and doing homework. The school and work hours are usually set it stone, it is what you do with the rest of the time that really matters. Doing homework 20 minutes before its due is not going to work all of the time. There will be instances where life happens or the time you have is just not enough. Though I do not always follow this rule myself, I suggest always trying to do your homework right after you are done with your last class of the day. Now having time for a social life and homework is a balance that I myself sometimes have a hard time keeping. I want to hangout with my friends who doesn’t. Often times I will cut into my sleeping hours and then I am tired the next day and not preforming at my best.

I suggest sitting down with a weekly planner and see just how many free hours you have and when they are. Then go through and fill them in with homework time and social time. Give yourself a little more time than you need for homework and spend the rest doing what you want.

I Have a Dream

All my life I have been trying to prepare myself for the future. I wanted to plan out my life before I finished college so that I could live my life just the way I wanted to. I had a dream of living my life the way I wanted to. I dreamed the kind of house ill have, what job ill take and the car I’ll drive. I know their will be many steps and stages before I reach my dreams but I will never stop reaching for them. Right now I’m in the stage of how to get everything I planned out. I have to make money. A keystone in many dreams that must be obtained. I knew that college would be a good way to go, but it takes money to. That’s why I went from never working a real job to working two jobs for an equivalent of 40-46 hours a week while going to school full time. All of this to achieve a goal that is far in the future. The process will be difficult and the times trying, but it will only make the reward greater.

Lesson of the Day: Dream big, there is always a path that will lead you to your goal.

Work and School

Not every college student works full time and goes 16 credit hours at a college. It takes a person with strong time management to manage such a feat without failing. There is the time you are in class and the time spent on homework out of class. There is then the time spent at work, which hopefully doesn’t overlap your school time. All of this work and so little time in the week. When you add in sleep it doesn’t leave much time for yourself. These dilemmas and how to hopefully solve them will be the subject of my next blogs.

Lesson of the Day: Whether you call it work or school it all is work.