Rehtoric of Blogging

I’m writing this blog for those students who are trying to work and go to school with the hope of pursuing their dreams. For those who think they have their future planned out and are working to achieve their goals. We are all trying to get a good education while bringing home a pay check.

I’m writing because not only will this blog help me but it will give insight to others as they struggle through work and college. I want to be able to help others with their struggles and frustrations of working and going to school. I have been working and going to school for two months. I understand that getting school work down while trying to have a decent pay check is a struggle. Finding balance is key!

This will not be my venting blog where I spill out all of my frustrations without answers on how to fix them. I will always try to post a lesson at the end of each blog so by the end of the semester there will be many lessons learned during blogging.

If you read one of my blogs and have a tip or advice or even need advice feel free to comment. I’m hoping that my blog will let others know that they are not the only ones who have the dilemmas of work and school combined. Your comments are always welcome.

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