I got my picture in the paper!

It’s not everyday you get to be in the paper. The Mancos Times has done several articles on the Mancos Livery and while I was helping the down celebrate lighting the Christmas tree, I found myself getting a picture taken by one of the Mancos Times. For a small busniss owner this is one of the best ways to advertise because it is free!

“Leah Starr leads Crash, a 1-year-old steer, down Grand Avenue Friday night. Crash gave people wagon rides as part of the Old Fashioned Christmas. Crash is owned and trained by Will Stone.” Quoted from the Mancos Times

Data Bases, Every business needs them

As a college student it is very easy to just keep swiping my debit card and not thinking about where I spend my pay check as long as what needs to be paid is paid, things like bills and gas. a few days ago I went and looked at my bank statements. They told me everything I had spent money on in the last month. I decided I spend to much on coffee and random sugary snacks driving back and forth from Durango to Mancos. I also think I could eat out less and buy less random things.

Well I am not allowed to do this with my business. I have to keep track of every transaction. This could be buying supplies to receiving payment for a service. Lately I have been using skills I learned in my accounting class with excel. Mostly keeping track of what goes in and out of the bank account. I also recently started a log book for people to sign in that they were at the Mancos Livery and comment on what they thought about it. I also direct them to Facebook to see what is going on when they are not there. This is collecting data and every business needs to do it. You never want to accidentally run out of money or not keep track because if an error accrues you wont be able to find it without looking at your books.

There are several ways one can keep track. Here are just a few:

Excel– if you are skilled with it.

Hire and accountant- if you have that kind of money to spend.

QuickBooks– a program that you can use to keep records and record your transactions.


Values of Audiences

Today in class we talked about the different audiences and their values in a College setting.

  1. Administartion
  2. Students
  3. Writing Program
  4. Teacher (Bill)

The administration’s values were that the teacher uses canvas and that their is a measurable learning experiences for the students. They want to see data that each class is effective.

The students have many values. This may include their personal life, their job, sleeping and some wheres in there is school.

The Writing program values that each student is able to argue, that the students are able to participate and be engaged in what they are doing.

The Teacher’s values in this case are the students learning. Do they think they have improved.

I dont know what to blogg

I didn’t know what to blog about so I decided to listen to the group and write down different quotes I liked.

“I read books when it makes me feel good” -Danny

“uuugh wifi”-Anna

“I’ll drive your car if you want to ride in the passenger seat” – Danny

“This is much better than going to class” Bill

(At this point I told Brandon my idea for blogging quotes I heard)

“Don’t steal my idea” Leah

“They use clam juice in tomato soup now, nearly killed me” Bill

“What’s a gif?” – Bill

“maybe we should blogg about gingers”- Anna

I thought about blogging about gingers, but I am a ginger and I know all gingers have souls. Sometimes writers block can be a problem especially when you are just not inspired to write anything. I draw and paint sometimes but it is a rare thing for me. I can create these amazing things yet i know that without inspiration or an incentive like money it can be hard. I sometimes wonder if other people have that same problem. Its ok when they go to work, they know without it there will be no pay check but when they get home, why bother doing anything the reward isn’t that great.


writerdesomethingAfter reading this book, I have come to the conclusion that I have thrown my creative side out the window in hopes to be the plain jane kind of business woman who is committed to her work and doesn’t let her creative side intervene. This was a stupid idea on my part and has made me lose touch with a part of me that I have always loved.

The chapter that I really connected with was on rough drafts. In the beginning it talks about rough cuts. This can be all the pieces that you have created and yet they are not connected and because when it can run without help it has become a draft. Then when it it runs smoothly and is to your liking may you call it finished. You can always go back and keep revising.

This book I think will help me in the up coming event nanowrimo. It is National Novel Writing Month which is every November. Every year I try and participate in this event and the past few I have failed. So maybe this time with my new inspiration and new knowledge I can write 50,000 words.

Dead Man Walking

I went and saw Dead Man walking at Fort Lewis. Being so consumed in work and school I haven’t had much contact with what I would call “The outside world.” Walking in and sitting down I had no idea what this play would be about. Was it for Halloween, or was it something else. I first read the paplet they gave to me to find that this was play based off of a book. A book that was written about witnessing the death penalty.

I have always been of the belief of an eye for an eye when it comes to extreme crimes such as rape and murder. However I did not realize that it would be so expensive. A line from the play where sister Prejean is asking why one man can be given life and the other death shocked me. The man who answered told her that it only cost a half a million to keep a man alive and two million to kill him. I thought to myself how does it cost so much? When talking about it with my mother later she said legal fee’s.

I asked my mother what her opinion was on the death penalty, because mine had changed after I saw the play. My mother replied that she sided with a doctor she used to work with back when she was a nurse. He was for the death penalty, that its like having a loyal dog. great animal with lots of potential. Then when it gets rabies you put it down. Yes it is said, but it is the right thing to do. At very least to stop the spread of disease. The victims of those who are harmed have to deal emotionally with it their whole lives and some of them even turning rabid. I couldn’t really find fault with that argument on an emotional level.

The play brought tears to some of the audience’s eyes and I will admit I got a little teary but tried to save it till I left. The emotions that the played stirred up did not make me want to ban the death penalty. I just now think that it should be publicized. Because learning what that is like would make some people think twice.


Below is the list of articles I chose that connect my major in Business from the book Language.

1. Amy Reiter, “Why Being a Jerk at Work Pays” The Daily Beast 141

2. Adam Pulford, ” Words are Wind” OUPblog

3. Arika Okrent, “Body Language” Lapham’s Quarterly

4. Kyle Wiens, “I wont Hire People Who Use Poor Grammer. Here’s Why.” Harvard Busniss Review

5.¬† Susan Benesch, “Words as Weapons” Word Policy Journal

6 Joanna Eede, “you cant …


“Inquiry the process of obtaining knowledge through a question(s) and/or observation(s) that is relevant to the discourse.”

  • ¬†Should this include the research process?
  • Are all questions inquiries?
  • What is the difference between to inquire about something and an inquiry

As a business/marketing major inquiries are important. In business you need to know what the people want and need so that you can provide a better product or service. There are always question such as what is the right price for my supply and demand. Do I buy in bulk whole sale or just a few items? Will these items sell? How can I improve my business?

In Marketing the big question or queries are; Will this item sell and how do I sell it? What audience am I targeting? Are they young or old? Male or Female? SO many questions have to be asked before you will have a good marketing campaign.

The Inquiry Cycle

So What?

I found chapter 10 of So What? to be the most interesting chapter of the book. Within this chapter it talks about the many ways a rhetorician can personalize their work. It also talks about what style is best for what situation. This could mean the difference from writing an academic paper vs a twitter post or giving a presentation to talking with your friends.

I have two jobs and a school life. The language I use in each situation is very different. At my Hotel job I use very professional and curtious language such as ” How may I help you?” and ” Im glad you enjoyed your stay.” At my other job I have to show professionalism as an experienced horse rider, which usually means using horse words and building credibility as to I’m not just a weekend pony rider. At school I’m aloud to ask the question and be the one who needs help with something. Then my last alter self would be the one I use when being social with friends. This is the only situation where it is appropriate to be no professional.