Participant-Observation on Wheels

Being that I was gone for my most recent classes, I decided to do participant-observation research with my softball team. We were stuck there on the bus for 12 hours one way, so I figured why not. Majority of the time, I was noticing what people were doing; who they were sitting with and what their expressions were when they spoke. I would roll my eyes our laugh at what they said, or just get really annoyed with specific teammates or accompanying peoples on the trip, but after a few hours of afternoon day light, it started getting darker and later in the night, which meant people would start to sleep. Some would have their own seats so they could organize themselves in awkward positions to sleep, and some would sleep on certain others. Everyone was generally worn out and somehow comfortable cramped up in the old bus. It was definitely interesting to see how people acted when words took too much energy to say.


Well, this is my blog on Education. To be honest, I haven’t actually decided on a major, but I figured of the two options I have in mind education would probably be more realistic for this course. I haven’t really looked into anything education at this school yet. I remember wanting to be a teacher when I was younger; being able to control a classroom seemed like something I wanted to do. It’s not because I want to control people, but because I want to engage students and change lives much like many of my teachers did (or didn’t do) for me. I believe I was given a great education at my high school Regis Jesuit Girls Division in Aurora, CO.



I was blessed to have the opportunity to have my religion and my education in one place. I only attended private school for high school, but I do believe even with the four short years of high school that my education with the Jesuit’s was significantly different than the education I would have gotten from the local high school. This is not because it was a catholic school, but because my teachers were really passionate and driven to help me and my classmates achieve more. I had a few teachers like that through my public school years, but not nearly as many as there were at Regis Jesuit. I would love to give back that passion, whether it be in a public high school in another state or in another country with the Peace Corps; Anything to kindle the fire that they passed onto me and potentially inspire others to do the same. Service and solidarity were two large hallmarks at my high school and those have been tattooed onto my heart and mind. I desire to serve others and I desire to walk in solidarity with people of all sorts. Teaching will help me express that in a way that uses what I believe to be my greatest skills.


In relation to COMP 250, I know that a teacher will need to be able to write clearly and eloquently to their students as well as their peers. Formal business letters, curriculum proposals, homework assignments, and communication between students and faculty are among the many writing needs of a teacher. This definitely includes multimodal components and understanding rhetorical devices as well as concepts such as code switching. If I do intend to pursue education as a major (for the purposes of this blog I am), I would like to better my understanding of different writing techniques and different ways to research and speak through writing to different audiences. I believe this will help me become a decent teacher, and help me act on my desire to help others.

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