Welcome Students!

9 June 2014

Dear COMP 126 Colleagues:

Good morning!

This brief letter is important. Please print it, read it carefully, and place this letter in your course binder. I will look for this letter among your class handouts when reviewing your binder.

I hope this first week of Summer Term 2014 is going well. The initial week of Summer Term is often difficult. Teachers and students are scurrying to find classrooms, courses, and resources. I know this can be stressful and I wish you all the best.

Our first day in COMP 126 has gone well. Each of you is capable and the level of in-class engagement already exhibited indicates much good work and good fun ahead. I look forward to working with you. Now, so that we can work well together, please attend to the following.

1.      My email address is Mangrum_w@fortlewis.edu. I welcome emails. However, I will only respond to students emailing me from their official Fort Lewis College email accounts. This is for security reasons and for ethical reasons. So, please email me as often as you like but only email me using your Fort Lewis email address.

2.      My office is located in Nobel Hall 234. My campus phone number is 240-6764. However, I prefer that you reach me on my cell — you may call or text. My cell number is 760-445-6441. Again, I welcome your texts messages and your calls. However, when texting you will need to identify yourself by name and class.

Finally, I am just now setting up a blog for this course. The information in this letter, course assignments, syllabus, and other materials will be posted there. It is your responsibility to check the blog for updates and announcements, for guidelines and due dates. Please, take ten minutes this weekend and visit the course blog a http://blogs.fortlewis.edu/mangrum-comp-126/.

Thank you, once again, for a wonderful week. If I can help you, please contact me.