The Rhetoric of Blogging


You are blogging within a rhetorical situation. Always you are reaching toward a specific audience, with a well-shaped product, a message. Think first of your audience. Think then of what you want them to do. Only then should you ask, “What must I say?”


This is the new blog for COMP 150, Section 5. I’m glad you found this site.

From this homepage you will receive instructions for posting pieces to your own blog, commenting on postings by your peers on their blog, and other aspects of “public writing.” By this e-project, we are taking our work in rhetoric out of the classroom and into the world.

Your initial assignment is to creat a blog. You have received a notice, sent via Moodle, giving ten easy steps to launching your blog. Follow those steps. When you have titled and launched your blog, please send me an email. I will list and link your blog on this homepage.