Good Writer/Designers Collaborate

(At the end of this post, your cohort is asked to post a comment.)

Outside of college most of the work we do is collaborative.

  • We labor beside each other.
  • We check each other’s ideas.
  • We pour over the details.
  • We argue about tone and facts and time and goals and outcomes.
  • We do all of this together in business, industry, and government.

Inside of school, we mostly still insist on going solo.

This assignment goes with the grain of the world and against the grain of much schooling. I want you to collaborate. I want scholars to work together to make sure everyone gets it done and done right!

So, in your cohort go over these points;

  • Every blog should be properly titled for alphabetic listing.
  • Every blog should be visible to the FLC search engine.
  • Every blog should give evidence of regular posting.
  • Every blog should address the five aspects of multimodal discourse as explained in Writer/Designer (chapter 1).
  • Every blog should explain multimodal discourse using more than alpha-numeric characters (linguistic).
  • Every blog should have at least ONE substantive posting in which Writer/Designer is brought into conversation with So What This is critical– so pay attention. Scholars must be able to pull these resources together so that both are shaping their scholarship.
  • Every blog should have 3-5 pictures demonstrating multimodal discourse on the campus of Fort Lewis College.
  • Each of these pictures should be accompanied  with captions (immediately under the pictures) and explanatory paragraphs.
  • Every blog should have a properly sized header.

As we finish the third week of school, the list above is the minimum. 

This morning, your job is to make sure each member of your cohort as reached this threshold . . . and is prepared to cross over into new territory.

  • If scholars need help, help them.
  • You learn more by helping others.
  • Don’t check out. Check in.
  • Be responsible for learning together.

The conversation should not dry up. Learn from each other. Ask questions, study each blog. Press ahead together.

Finally, allow twelve minutes at the end of the class period for members to post critical reflections on this experience. When posting your critical reflections,

  • be specific
  • give details
  • avoid generalities.
  • say what could have been done differently by your group.

These three weeks have gone quickly. I enjoy this class. I enjoy all of your energy and your enthusiasm for learning.  As I have said, I can responsible for facilitating learning experiences. I can’t be responsible for your learning.

So, go do this together and learn by doing it all together!

Finally . . . as a cohort please post your members and meeting location as a comment to this post. Thank you!

(19 September 2014 / 7:53 AM)

5 thoughts on “Good Writer/Designers Collaborate”

  1. Hello Mr.Mangrum, it is 9:50 AM and I am sitting here with Adan Soto, and Matt Fudala. We are currently discussing each others blogs and how to improve them. Within this class period we all hope to blog for one hour and improve our multimodal techniques.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Bill, this is group #5 (Caitlin, Dylan, Austin, Kendra, and Clara). We’re all here and we’re fixing up our blogs!

  3. Hello from the cohort group, Kennedy Clark/Garret Swartzenruber/Garrett Flicker…Cory Saxon is traveling for football and Daniel Gustavson is nowhere to be seen. We met in the Wholly Habaneros in the Student Union:)
    Thanks for the info, Professor Mangrum!

  4. Hey Bill! Jordan and I are blogging from one of the computer labs in the library! Dillon is on his way to Colorado Springs and we have no clue where Adelyn or Mitch are

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