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blog 13 Yes, let’s talk about it. The “C” word. Or the “T” word, they’re both similar. Therapy and Counseling can both offer something to your life. It is a conversation that makes most uncomfortable, some embarrassed, and others sweat. The thing is, whether you’re for it or against it doesn’t matter BECAUSE………

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The issue with therapy is that some people are all for it and some people are all against it. And, when most people think of counseling, they think of this….

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It’s the typical, “Okay, you lay on the couch and tell me all your issues and deepest darkest secrets, and I’ll tell you what’s wrong with you” image that most people think of when the word counseling gets brought up. Which, in some cases yes, this is a “style or type” of counseling and therapy. But there are MANY types and styles of therapy and counseling that can accommodate to each individual and their needs. Such as music therapy, art therapy, child therapy, couples therapy, group counseling, or even energy therapy…

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Just because some people believe in counseling, not all people do. Some of those reasons are because people are afraid that it means they’re crazy, they are scared that others may find out they are going to counseling, they think it is inconvenient to their schedule or even to their situations, they think they can just talk to a friend instead, they are afraid to be judged, or they just flat out don’t think that it works.

Now, understand this, just like there are many different forms of therapies and styles of counseling, there are many different forms of addiction. When most people think of addiction, they think of this:

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It’s the typical DRUGS=ADDICTION form of addiction and that necessarily isn’t always true to begin with. Addiction can also look like this:

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You can find addiction almost anywhere and with almost anything. You can be addicted to something without even knowing it really. Many people say that too much of anything can be bad, which necessarily isn’t always true but there is a definite possibility. Which is why it is definitely possible to be addicted to counseling.

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Addiction is about reinforcement and habits that one creates within their life. If you make a goal, and you achieve that goal, there are feelings that get created that positively reinforce your actions. Now, with the example of therapy, many find this as a positive activity that people can participate in. When most people go to therapy, they result in feeling relieved and get positive endorphins running through their system, much like the reaction drugs can give an addict.

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Even though many think that counseling can do nothing for you, some have experienced the great things that counseling can provide for them. These reasons are why people often times continue to go to counseling and sometimes make it a weekly event in their calendar.

Even though there are many negative things that we encounter throughout our lives, and shit hits us when we least expect it, always remember that life is beautiful and something positive can come out of every situation.

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