The Brute! Pt.2

These amazing creations can either be bought from the company already made and ready to go or it can be bought as a kit to do it yourself. It looks absolutely amazing and will turn heads wherever you go in it. The company that makes brutes now developed a new model to add to their line-up; a four door (or double cab as they call it) model. It incorporates the new four door jeeps and just extends the back of it to add the truck bed, and it looks amazing.

This amazing company does not just stick to jeeps though. They unveiled a Dodge 2500 concept at SEMA this year, packed with all sorts of cool little things on it, such as their own rims and their winch. It was a remarkable piece of innovation.

So, if you have a jeep and would like to turn it into a one of a kind, hop on AEV’s website and see it your wrangle is compatible with their conversion kits.



The Brute! Pt.1

Car fanatics have always had conversion kits made to either modify their cars to make them into their own creations, or to completely change the outside appearance of it to look like something completely. One such mod kit I found very interesting is the AEV Brute.

What is this you may ask? I’ll tell you. This kit is absolutely amazing. It can either be bought as a kit to transform a person’s jeep into a pickup truck. This was created to look somewhat like the old CJ-8, or the Scrambler as it is called.

The Scrambler was a regular CJ-7 that they stretched the frame a little longer in the back and extended the bed, so to give the appearance of a more pickup looking jeep. The AEV Brute is the exact same way, only the Brute is built by a private company instead of Jeep itself. (To be continued…)



What to put on your Jeep first?

When people first get a Jeep, one of the first things they think about is “what should I put on it first”? Well, let me tell you guys what is a good thing to put on first. Recovery Gear.

Now why would you want to put something like that on first? Well, let’s say that you get your six-inch lift and keep off roading through sand or something and get stuck, then what? One could say you might have to call maybe AAA or a buddy to try to dig you out. Even if the truck
(yes, truck. Jeeps are classified as a truck. [at least mine is] Pretty cool, huh?) was still stock, getting stuck is one of the worst things in the world.

Having a winch would be one of the most practical things to have on your car. In any situation, having one would make it a whole lot easier. From getting unstuck yourself to helping a fellow off roader out, they will eventually pay for themselves.

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Where to drive…

Recently, I have been getting requests for places to drive. The only problem I had at first with that was because I haven’t really had the time to get out and drive off the road.

But you guys want driving spots, so here they are.

If you are on campus, there is a little dirt road behind Animas and the apartments. Once you pass Animas, its a clear straight away for about a couple hundred feet and it leads to a nice little drift corner. If you do that though, be careful. the corner leads straight to a pavement intersection. It is alright though. The turn is really wide and visible, and the intersection, especially at night, is usually never used and is just a waist of space.

For driving off campus, well, that is where my problems are. I have not managed to go out further than the airport, and when I say that I mean that I’ve only driving to the airport and back. ON THE PLANE RIDE IN THOUGH, I did see a lot of dirt roads by the Durango airport. And I mean a lot I also looked on Google Earth to be sure that I wasn’t dreaming and sure enough, they are there just spider-webbing together like some beautiful piece of broken glass, just waiting to be driven on by anything that can handle it.

BUT if you don’t have the time to go out and take a drive, or you don’t want to risk getting yelled at by the people living in the apartments or Animas hall, just ask a friend it you can borrow GTA V. That may sound like a joke (which it is :P) but I kid you not, the off roading there is pretty cool. The vehicle choices can go from some brand new Toyota looking FJ’s and brand new looking four-door Jeep JK’s, to older classics like some tricked out Baja bugs and custom dune buggies. There are also dirt bikes, ATV’s, BMX bikes, golf carts, tricked out pickup trucks, you name it. The possibilities are endless with that game. A lot of the vehicles are also able to be modded with roll cages and such. That game is a real trip to play.

I hope that I answered some of your questions, but if you still have some that you would like to know, just leave a comment and I will see if I can include what you would like in my next post.

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Angry? Take a drive.

Are you having a troubled day and just need to get away from everybody? The best solution is to just get in the car and go for a drive. Now, I am not saying (nor am I endorsing) leaving everything behind and starting anew somewhere else, but I am saying that to just get out of the house and drive with the windows and top down for like an hour is one of the best feelings in the world.

For the off roader, tearing up a dirt road in their Jeep or truck is one of the most fun things that they can do. It separates them from the world and allows them to just think and work things out in their head without being interrupted by others.

Back in California, that’s all I would do when I had a bad day in school or practice. Driving around would let think about my day and how I could have tackled some things differently, and since I had my Jeep I would explore a lot and find many isolated places to look over my town from. From those places, I would see just how small the town looked and realize that, if my town looked THAT small, my problems couldn’t be that bad. If my issues where that bad though, well I would just keep driving and eventually peace in it all.

In conclusion, if you’re having a bad day, take a small drive on a dirt road. It lets you think about things privately, and knowing that the rules of the road don’t apply to you when you’re there is absolutely amazing.

Until next time,