Last Day of Class

Okay so I think this is safe to say but I have not missed any days of school or been late once this whole semester of summer school. I’m so stoked because starting the summer course this was one of my goals I wanted to accomplish. Spring semester and fall semester I did the same thing so I’m on a roll.

Yet today is the last day of COMP 126 and I’m kinda sad by it. I’ve learned to have trust in my fellow scholars and Bill has been one of the best professors ever. I love that I’ve learned to trust my writing more. Because of COMP126 my confidence as writer has grown and I’m liking it very much.

The class in whole we learned so much in five weeks. Looking back it doesn’t feel that long. I’ll admit that at times my stress level was at high but just relaxing and taking time helped me through this course.

One thing I’m going to miss is Bill wild antics From day one Kat told us about his crazy antics within class. We as a group of scholars have witnessed more than our own share but it made class fun.

To my fellow scholars Kat, April, Dalton, Erick, Rochelle, Kipp, and Jen it’s been a pleasure having you in class. From day one we were so quite with one another that a month later we can have causal conversation between each other. This is probably the first  class ever where I really got to know the people around me.

Oh wait look at the time 10:01 am. Its time for my final day of COMP 126 and it’s a little upsetting and happiness all at once.

Hungry and Tired

I’m working on this final and all I can think about is how hungry and tired I am. Since class ended I haven’t left campus. What can I say, there is just days you just don’t want to go home. I’m also having major writers block and it’s driving me crazy. Maybe a little break will be much needed to motivate me again.


So I’ve developed a structure and I’m ready to ask myself the big questions. The deep down hard questions took some soul-searching almost from the last assessment. I’m loving my work environment right now because I have my sunglasses on in a quite place. I have the window open with the smell of rain and back drop of storms over the Mountains with peeks of blue sky.

I love the back drop of dark clouds with and the scene of rain showers through the back-lit sky. Also I’m listening to Pink Floyd so I’m in this peaceful mode like Bill made us do this morning. I don’t know why but the back drop of this sky sometimes reminds me of past books I’ve read. I like how Durango’s historic scenery reminds me of certain books. I then like to use my imagination to almost picture it like I did while reading.

Anyway I have this window open and I’m loving this breeze and smell of rain in the air. Okay I feel like I should quite blabbing on and get some work done. Work hard my scholars and lets finish strong.

Final Project Mode

I know in the title I said final project mode but to be honest nothing went my way at all. Yesterday after some lunch I came back to campus to start working on this final paper. My roommates call me and said she needs a ride to go pick up the other persons money so we can go pay rent. Knowing this I had to be done I went down to help her. After some driving around we got what we needed but it was four o’clock by then.

After the little drive around I came back to the college only to have my sisters bug me about getting some stuff done. As much as I tried to avoid conversation I gave in and picked up the phone. Two the Three hours later I got some of the stuff done they asked. As I sat trying to get my brain pumping my friend text me to see what I was doing. I told him I was at the college and he soon came a minute later cause he was on campus and sit and talked with me for an hour.

After trying some more work I noticed that the day was not going to be the day of getting anything done. So my first day has been unsuccessful. Today I hope to leave my phone off and not tell anyone where I am at to get some work done.

Monday Mornings

I will admit I’m a little tired. For some reason last night I could not sleep and spent most of the night rolling about it in bed. But its okay because it’s Monday morning and I have made to school on time.

This is our last Monday for COMP 126. I’m somewhat happy that school will be done but also sad because these past few weeks have been fun. What could I say our COMP 126 class was the bomb. Okay I totally should not have said that because know it really shows my age.

For this week I’m a little worried about the final assessment paper. Bill has said we asses ourselves on the grade we feel like we deserve. Great that’s what I just need right now is another argument with myself. But if its anything like the last assessment I know what I have to do.

Well looking at the clock now the time reads 10:02 am. Looking back I have not missed a class yet or been late. I couldn’t be happier with myself because I am not a morning person. If it came between me saving the world over my sleep I would probably choose sleep.

So I hope you guys have a good monday and looking ahead I say let’s get this week done.

Sherman Alexie

Sherman Alexie, the man who created Smoke Signals. Super happy to have read this because the other day me and my friends were just talking about Smoke Signals. I always laugh at the scene of the two ladies who are friends and always drive backwards. My friends back in high school were like that and I use to always tell them that was them.

Sherman grew up on the Spokane Indian Reservation of eastern Washington. Sherman’s family grew up in poverty but through the circumstances his father was and avid reader. As a boy growing up he learned to read from a superman comic at the age of three. He was a gifted and smart young boy who read through out his whole childhood.

People around Sherman felt like he was the odd person out because of how smart he was. Reservation kids could not connect to him and the school systems didn’t as well. He noticed the problems around him that reservation kids were not pushed educational wise than the Caucasian minorities around him.

Through all of this he kept reading knowing that education was survival for him. I like that idea because I once read something from crazy horse that was quite similar. Crazy horse said that we must adapt to Caucasian system of life and learn to adapt so we can once again take control and be at the forefront. There is something similar I like about Sherman that’s crazy for me to think about. I don’t want to think too much about it but I know if Bill reads this he would like me to elaborate on it. Until he ask I’ll keep thinking about it more but all I can say is that me and Sherman may have more in common than I thought.


Me and my roommate are sitting in my house watching horror movies. Not a bad Sunday morning but writing this from my phone is hard.

This week is our last week of class and it’s very bitter-sweet. I just hope your all enjoying your weekend and I’ll see you in class tomorrow.

Classroom Discussion July 2, 2014

On tis particular day of class Bill was late. A little surprising but hey we still love him anyway. From there Bill talked about some of the Journals we have already read in our Writing About Writing text. From there we talked about some reading that he felt important for us to read that included pages. 107, 119, and 128. On top of that Bill wanted us to read the “Introduction to Conversation” chapter of our Writing About Writing. From that introduction he wanted us to read pages 1 through 6.

For the pages 1 through 6 Bill wanted us to develop an outline. The purpose of the outline was to read the section provided and annotate it into an outline. From the outline we were to blog the outline as a new post due by noon on Friday.

We then discussed chapter 3 on rhetorical reading strategies. We discussed ideas we could use for our outline like, Here is what I learned? and the ideas of annotating and being attentive to detail.

Bill told us about little traits we could use in our outline like develop the summary of the text before you work on your introduction. That to get the full benefit of our textbook we must be willing to read out of our own time and being self motivated. The primary focus on our textbooks are on us and less on how to. And that introduction has to do more than tell the audience what the assignment was.

We talked about how high school has formed in us these misconception of writing. A good paper ends with an awareness of more future research to be done. That we should think very clearly of questions you can’t answer and going beyond that question at the end to ask a bigger question.

Bill used Jen as an example to how she would research military psychiatry. The agency and people she must go through to help others like in the Navajo nation who have come back from recent wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Lastly we went over different traits we could use to memorize information from the class. Kipp told Bill how he had a hard time remembering information from class when they where compacted into a day. Kat suggestion was to take one hard class and learn the notes after class.  Erik’s suggestion was to start another blog  and blog after the class of what you learned. April had a three stepped suggestion of writing your notes into another folder with pencil and going over it later with pen to remember it. Dalton idea was to start a notebook journal that could be easier to do than a blog. Jen idea was on good time-consuming and the idea of calling her dad and telling him what she learned after class helped her remember a lot. Bill suggestion was to record his notes on a phone and listen to them while going to school.

In the end Bill left us with a quote from Aristotle saying, “Friends is somebody who makes you a better person”. To think of it that was a perfect way to end the class and the quote was totally right. I want people to push me as a human than to be someone who doesn’t at all and that’s what this class does for me.

Intoduction to the Conversation

Through life we have misconceptions of what writing is. Writing is about good grammar and following the rules. So to go about these rules we turn to our text books looking to the idea it will teach us how to be a better writer. Yet that’s not the purpose with Writing About Writing. With this text we will learn about the misconceptions and little traits we can pick up to benefit our overall writing. No one can simply say here’s how to write because writing is so much more than that. Writing About Writing will give insight about writing that your previous teachers or professors may not have told you.

Most of us have this perception of what we think writing is. In reality writing is what we human are all capable of. There are countless benefits we can gain from writing like learning new knowledge, becoming better investigators, using the knowledge of writing in everyday life, and relate to others through the communications of writing. We must forget the ideas that writing is about not using your voice, that its hard or easy for some, and literacy is all about how effective of a reader you are because than we break out and grow and try new things as a writer.

Some of the stories about writing is that one who makes less grammar errors in their papers will have a better overall paper. In reality that may be true at times but a good paper is a paper that has good content, invention, process, and rhetoric. A paper with good content is knowing what to say. Invention is the process of developing your ideas into text. Process deals with how you went about it all together. And rhetoric is meeting the situation your trying to get across as the writer. In the end its more about these then the actual form and you can better your overall paper from these steps.

The second story about writing is that we need a book to tell us “how to write”. Our basic school structure in America is based on finding the common grammar errors. That the paper with the less common grammar errors tend to do better overall in grades. Teacher care less about the actual ideas of the paper compared to the errors you’ve made. But really as a writer if you spend a majority of your time focusing on this idea your writing will never be as creative it can be. You have a better chance a writing at your best when you’re doing it for fun on a blog, text, or social media because your less focused of trying to avoid every single grammar error. Writers that think more about reaction will give more of a thought process into their writings and will result in better writings.

Writing has a lot of misconceptions. One misconception is that writing in a whole has the same rules. Yet writing is based on the audience, purpose, exigence, and context. The second misconception is that you as a writer can’t change the information your trying to get across. In reality we are all human beings and as humans its hard for us not to put our own biases into situation or experiences. Our third misconception is that a writing will have a meaning of its own. But people can interpret that writing in different ways so it really has its own meaning for all to understand in different ways.  Fourth misconception is that we can write a text and not put ourselves into the text. No matter what you do the ideas we are writing about we are putting ourselves into the text because we are telling others how something affects us. The fifth misconception is that its easy to spot out plagiarism. In reality we all plagiarise at one point because we take inspiration from ones ideas and language and incorporate it in our own way. Lastly the sixth and conception is that writing is all about grammar. But actually writing is about getting stuff done, make meaning, and sharing ideas.

To construct a paper a writer must be willing to break away from the consumptions of what they believe writing is. Plagiarism is the idea of using ideas of others and not citing them within your text. But the world around us plagiarise all the time because we use other ideas to develop our own and reuse them. Look at how many times Shakespeare ideas have been reused and interpreted in different ways throughout novels and movies. Another consumption is writing is all about grammar. But really focusing too much on your grammar can make a text less inventive. It must be how you want your audience to be affected by the text than its grammar errors alone. In the end we must use rhetorical skills of language between the speakers and writers that is used to commute between one another. We must be able to break outside of what we think writing is and see it from the outside as a whole to understand it because when we do that our overall writing will improve.