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Today Bill told us about some blogs that some students put together from other colleges dealing with the time around the Great War. Not wanting to procrastinate on homework I decided to give a visit. Our assignment was to go onto the blog and make some goals of how we wanted our blogs to look after visiting Century America.

My first response was, “Wow, these guys have no life”. The construction of these blogs seemed very well planned. Bill told us that a good blog is a blog that you can lost in. That what these students constructed here because some of the blogs had so many hyperlinks and data that you could easily get lost. At one point my internet tab section was filled with multiple blogs sources that my poor computer froze. While exploring my way through these blogs I decided that making my blog more structured should be my first goal. I don’t offer my readers much hyperlinks and data so it feels very unprofessional in a way.

Second thing I noticed is that for student blogs they have a very academic purpose about them. These students did the history on their colleges during the time of the Great War. Some students had prime examples of documentation, timelines, and audio that made their work stand out. So I decided that my second goal should be to have more visual and audio contributions that make it easier for my readers to follow. Having sources that help the readers to follow is helpful in making the academic side of your blog noticeable. One example I liked was Fort Lewis contribution to Century America blog with the timeline of the college dating back to 1880. I’m not sure how to make it work with my blog but I want readers to be able to follow the source along with blogging aspect of it. Say I want to talk about Shakespeare and you want to know more about him. All I would do is say, “To know more about Shakespeare hit the link Just like that you got it and your blog is a little more open to the readers.

Thirdly I like how well put together the tags were. Century America had tags like ” Preliminary Readings & Sites” that gave details into books and resources used in the blog. This is important because it shows the academic importance of the blog. If we don’t cite our sources then its pretty much plagiarizing the source. In an academic field its important to site and I feel that myself as a scholar lacks that ability sometimes because I’m thinking of it as just a blog. Yet these scholars have shown that even though it’s a blog that citing your sources gives that blog a true academic view to your audience. So my third goal is to cite more sources to give my overall blogs an academic look that I feel my past blogs have been lacking

Last thing I noticed was how much these students blogged. Look at Colin Nimer blog or Jennifer Marks blog These are prime examples of scholars who blogged so much that I got to wonder where they found the time. Yet each of them all had this saying that it was hard work but in the end they where happy about it, and in someway enjoyed it. The truth is blogging takes a lot of time and for me time is rare. I’m new to blogging and have not yet found my itch for it. Since looking at Century America I know that these scholars felt in some way the how I do but they turn out these piece’s where I feel so lazy to them. After looking at Jennifer Marks blog I know what my final goal should be and that is to blog more. Blog about COMP 126 and all these weird tricks Bill show us to get inside of the text and learn where the “Top twenty” comes in handy. Whatever it is just blog and trust what your thinking or feeling about the text because blogging is just composing in the end.

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