best and most unexpected turned out to be the worst…

things change and people change, that is how life goes. but i never knew that my life could change in just a few minutes. how i could be the happiest girl in the world to the girl who felt broken and destroyed; and by just a few texts. a few texts between my boyfriend and the girl he cheated on me with. finding that out was not a feeling i would wish on my worst enemy. i felt betrayed and i felt like an idiot. i was so oblivious to something that should have been so obvious. i gave my heart to someone who didnt hold onto it, but instead he pushed it aside and forgot it..for a night with a girl behind a dumpster after a few drinks. that best most unexpected thing in my life turned out to be the worst..and i am not so sure if i am ready to say goodbye forever.

“the best and most unexpected thing…”

in my last post i talked about how i found love in someone i never would have imagined, and boy am i happy that i did. i wasnt trying to find someone and i sure as hell didnt even want to think about starting a relationship but when love comes around, dont push it away or ignore it. love should be grasped and held onto so tightly because it doesnt happen often. you may love a pair of shoes, or love a certain food, but being in love is rare and delicate. love is hard to describe because its viewed differently in each individuals eyes. to me, love is all about learning and understanding. love doesnt just happen suddenly, it takes time. time to learn and understand everything and anything about them. getting to know them so intensely that their flaws are beautiful to you, learning what their favorite food is, or color or the type of music they like.

i found love in aaron ray romero-welch. aaron has turned out to be the best and most unexpected thing in my life. aaron is my world and my rock. he loves me unconditionally and for the first time, i actually believe someone truly loves me. i feel on top of the world when he is around and when he is not, i wish he was by my side. he makes me smile even when i dont want to and he lifts me up when i feel down. his smile makes me smile and when i see him, my day instantly gets better. we come from very different backgrounds and we both have our share of mistakes in life but those are in the past and we have accepted the person we are and found happiness in eachother. the happiness we have created together is more than i could ever ask for or imagine. i wouldnt change one single thing about aaron, he is perfect, flaws and all.

where should i begin?

so, i dont exactly know how to blog or what to write about but i am using this as my own escape from the world. this year has been tough, and full of unexpected events, people, and much more. i have found love in someone i never would have imagined, failed a class, lost a best friend and realized i am not who i used to be. i have grown into a person that i dont know, one that i dont like sometimes. just when i think i make progress into being the ‘michelle’ that i know, i always end up taking 3 steps back instead of 1 step forward. but no matter what, i will not give up until i find that girl again..the michelle that i know, my parents know and my friends know. so here i go, time to find myself again and be my own hero,