a golfers mind

anyone can hit a ball off a tee, anyone can wear fancy clothes and look the part of a golfer, but does that mean you can play golf? does that mean you understand the sport and all that it takes to play? i dont think so. golf requires a lot of practice and hard work and even more mental thinking. to think like a golfer takes deep understanding and being able to realize what needs to be done and executing it. it takes time for this to wrap your mind around but when you do, then you can ‘play’ golf. deep thought, understanding and executing doesnt just happen during this sport but in peoples everyday lives. its rhetoric happening right in front of us whether we are cognizant of it or not. someone once told me that if i deeply think about anything the way that i do while playing golf, it would change the way i anazlyze and conducted more thoughts and turned them into understandings. this is what we do, its what happens everyday. the workings of our mind through rhetoric.

what makes you a golfer?

what makes you a golfer? is it just going to the course in fancy clothes with a bag on your back and hitting a ball? is it a sport just for old men who like to drink? is it an “easy” sport because it has no physical activity? in my opinion, it can be any of those things but the way you interpret and understand golf, it can be much more. some golfers will look the part in the fancy clothes and just go out on the course with friends and drink and have a good time. but others will look the part and be the part of a golfer. looking like a true golfer can make others think and develop opinions about you. whether you do or whether you dont come off as a golfer, this shows your credibilty of a golfer.¬†for example, i went to high school golf tournaments and if another girl had some old, beat up clubs i would think she wouldnt take it seriously. or if she had her hair down, curled with alot of makeup on, id think she wasnt taking it seriously. another example is, if you saw someone hitting at the driving range wearing slippers and pajamas you wouldnt think they had any experience golfing. but if you saw someone all niked out from head to toe you’d probably think they were a mini pro or something. there is no right answer for what makes a person a golfer, its how you execute the different aspects of the sport.

the beginning.

golf. a career, hobby, passion and a way of life for my dad, jeff roth. it has gotten him places that i only dream of being at one day. he started at a very young age and jumped onto the golf wagon with both feet. he put everything he had into perfecting this sport. everything from simply putting, to making sure his swing was flawless. he was and still is 100% dedicated to golf and always will be. he did everything possible to make his dreams and goals come true whether it was bringing his clubs to school to practice during recess or simply holding a club and practicing the grip while watching tv. by making his goals become apparent to those around him, my dad rose to the top. he played throughout grade school, middle school, high school and went onto play at the university of arizona. while in college he played on mini tour events in hopes to get his name out there. he became known very quickly. after being found, he went to get his pga tour players card and that is where his dream began. jeff has been a pro for 35 years and will continue to live out his dream into a very old age.


this blog is going to talk about golf and the places that it has taken not only me, but my family as well. also, it will explain and go in depth of where it is taking me. golf is a very important part of my life and many of the lives around me. many say that golf is easy and anyone could take up this sport, but it’s much more than just wearing fancy clothes, walking around with a bag on your back and hitting a ball off a tee.