I am also on twitter when I am not on instagram or on facebook. Twitter is mainly used to tweet about my day when I don’t feel like posting on facebook. I also go on twitter because they have cute quotes that I like to retweet. But twitter is mainly used when I get bored on facebook and seeing the same people update their statues.


I use the internet daily when I am on social media to keep in contact with some of my family members and friends whom live many miles away from me and some I don’t have their cell phone numbers. I mainly use Facebook to keep in contact with my family down in Zuni New Mexico. Facebook is a daily routine that I do when I first wake up because I want to see what everyone has been up to and what news I’ve missed. I also use it to keep in contact with my friends whom go to different colleges than Fort Lewis. I want to see how their college live is going and how it is different from Durango.