Notes Oct. 29

 Making the claim that if we dress up we should get extra credit?
Reasons not to dress up
-Takes effort
-Some people were not going to dress up
-Distraction in other classes
Arguments are everywhere
Requests are claims
Notice that we are always making claims and counter claims
Embarrassment is more internal or personal shame
Judgment is in someone elses eyes
Reasons to dress up
-Show Off
-Brake tradition
As a scholar you need to  be able to give an academic reason for extra credit.
Participate and learn from this conversation
Prove that we learned something
If we understand we are showing this by dressing up.
-Learning outside of class
-Real world is all about collaboration.
Writing is connected to talking


Notes Oct. 24

1) Activity Theory
2) Blogs
3)Self assessment at the end of the term
Takes the academic rigor policy very seriously
Last Self Assessment only messed with a few students grades
How do we get scholars to take responsibility for their education?
Don’t think of yourself when you evaluate yourself.
Don’t speak differently if you didn’t turn in or do the assignment
How can we make sure we get the work done?
responsibility for each other
Andrew – how can we fix it so everyone is motivated
Josh-Fixing old habits
Johnathan – How to take it more seriously?
What does it mean to do something seriously?
1) How language works
2) Making knowledge
3) Articulate a position
Not just killing time
Johnathan – take responsibility for our learning, but also work together.
Joey – more involved
Marcale – work together
scholars need to be turning things in on time. Its our responsibility to get things done and on time.
How would seriously be framed?
To help find a definition you can set it in opposite
Serious- best of your ability
-actually have to care about it
-if you don’t care about it you wont put effort into it
Andrew – give some examples of how people use the word
Ben – “seriously hard” “seriously messed up”
question truth behind it
do you take this as a creditable expression of your true intentions
Molly – Statement or expression
“Serious Texas BBQ” “Didn’t think she was serious when she said no”
Different consequences
Andrew – what if our writing are not as clear as we think they are?
Each different paper is a cite of knowledge
meanings are not fixed
We all have different knowledge, experiences, intentions, and ways of reading
Different meanings of the same thing
words are not solid
Jessica – Consider audience
Molly – interpretation
interpretation is also an act of writing
Not just interpreting when we read
Rob- Act of listening
Difficult to define common terms without using the word
Lots of ways to think of a simple word
Some terms are more accepted then others.