Getting Closer…

So I took a serious dive last night trying to weed out all the topics that have been put out there and I think I am getting closer to my research topic. Going off of my last post about what the importance of building a personal philosophy. It hit me, that everyone lives by there own personal philosophy whether they choose to recognize it or not. No matter if its a religion, their morals, superstition, everyone has lived by something in their lives that allows them to decipher between good and bad. While I was taking a look into Dawns story, something she said really stuck out to me, this notion of “the road to integrity.” To me the word Integrity is held higher in my head then it may be in someone else’s and I live by my integrity everyday, or at least I try to. So because I liked my ideas about researching what personal philosophy even means and if its something that everyone should strive to recognize, I would like to purpose my idea.

I will research why having a personal philosophy (or building a new one) helps a person to walk down the road of integrity rather than just “going with the flow.”

I think by having a personal philosophy to live by guides a person towards a straighter path to finding there internal voice and being comfortable with who they actually are. I will use a definitional argument along with a narrative argument to back up this research topic. By using everyones story but paying particularly close attention to Dawn, I will be able to convince my audience that living a life through your own personal philosophy, whether its spiritually or religiously, it will bring you closer to your internal voice.

I think I can fit all of this nicely to the book because everyone in the book, whether they chose to call it their “personal philosophy” or not, everyone had some sort of influence telling them what was right and what was wrong. Any feed back or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!


Feeling Lost.

After class on Tuesday and making a note that we only have 5 weeks to finish this project, I have gone on a mission to try and really narrow down my research topic. I have been playing with a lot of ideas in my head about identity and self awareness, but I have been having a hard time figuring out how that all ties into the book. So I went ahead and listened to the interview with Marcia Baxter Magolda along with doing a little research of what others thought about her book. I came across and interesting review done by a student at Nova Southern University, which I will put the link to the side, and one sentence that this student focused on really stuck out to me.

This second phase leads to “building an internal foundation” of a personal guiding philosophy and “securing” that foundation by living out one’s internal belief system in daily life (pp. 326-327). This was taken straight from the book. I think this particular sentence really stuck out to me because it sparked a number of different questions in my head.

What is the importance of building a personal philosophy? Is this a good technique that others may want to consider, in helping them gain a stronger sense of self?

I am just throwing around some ideas. Maybe I could figure out how to make these questions into my research topic. Any feedback would really be helpful! I will keep at it and see if I can think of anything else.


Light Bulb!

Another possible research topic that I will work with is this idea of identity. The title of the book speaks to this theme right off the bat, Authoring Your Life is about developing your own voice and being able to navigate around the challenges of living. But I would focus more on how people define there own identities, being adopted I have found that finding my own identity has been a struggle. Its hard not knowing where exactly you came from, its almost like a whole chunk of my identity is missing. I would research the psychological effects of adoption. I think this fits into the book because everyone in here is still searching for their own identity. Specifically in Kurts story, he was always trying to be ” true to the Man in the Glass,” while trying to please everyone else, he also had a hard time being confident with himself and the decisions he was making.

Any thoughts on this topic? Any comments or criticism would be very helpful!