5 Song Music Interview


I had the pleasure of interviewing Lucy Schaefer, and man this girl has some good taste in music! She can thank her brother for introducing her to most of her favorites. She has a wide range in her taste of music, including her favorite band Widespread Panic. It’s really interesting to see how music shapes her life, and the experiences she has had that music triggers the memory.  Here are her top 5 songs and the story behind them:

Sound of Music- My Favorite things

L: Sunday was “Places day”. My two older brothers and my dad would all go out and have fun that day, and leave my mom at least one day out of the six to herself, for her sanity. The park, Discovery Zone, all sorts of places. And every Sunday night we listened to the same soundtrack and ate dinner. I didn’t realize my mom was a good cook until now that I’ve grown up. Haha. This memory is important because it was something consistent, growing up, that I really appreciated, even though we would bitch and moan and want to be having sleep overs elsewhere I’m glad my mom brought us together.

M: Why did you pick this song specifically out of the whole soundtrack?

L: I don’t know really. I guess because I really loved the line “When the bee stings, when the dog bites, when I’m feeling blue.” I would get out of my seat and go over to my mom and she would give me a little pinch on the arm and then a little bite. I just thought it was the greatest for some reason. And, I also had this weird obsession with bees, I still do.



Lovin’ in my Baby’s Eyes- Taj Mahal

M: So why this tune?

L: I was actually working at my friend’s pecan farm in Farmington, New Mexico when I discovered this song.

M: New Mexico? What were you doing there?

L: In high school I went to a boarding school but I was a day student. I had a good friend, Randy, who worked on Stahmann’s Pecan Farms. I literally counted aphids on trees for 8 hours a day for the whole summer. It was the weirdest job, but one of the best for a young person.

M: Why did this song stick out to you though?

L: I mean, theres nothing particularly about the lyrics…like I wasn’t falling in love, or staring into my “baby’s eyes or anything. It was just the song that kind of switched me from my bad music taste of really horrible electronic and generic reggae new-age stoner music into musicians with…I don’t want to say actual talent, but I’m going to say actual talent.



All time Low-Widespread panic

L: I’ve been jamming this song ever since summer. It was my second WSP show and I was with my best friend Ethan, who is now my boyfriend. I’ve been listening to WSP ever since I started hanging out with Ethan three years ago. I’ve heard almost all their songs but I was never into them enough to link song-names to the actual song.

M: So did this song solidify your fan-dom?

L: I think so! I was having so much fun, but then I heard All time Low come on and I had that connection of song and beats and it was just a beautiful fan epiphany that I really loved WSP.

M: Is this your and Ethan’s song?

L: I wouldn’t say that, but we definitely had a moment where we looked at each other and kind of knew we were going to be together after that.



Don’t Push-Sublime

L: Sublime was my fucking band when I was growing up. It was hard to pick just one Sublime song. Sublime was the band all my of my friends listened to in high school. We would find underground Sublime songs, we were just obsessed.

M: What memory do you link this song to?

L: Everything to do with being an angsty teenager. Smoking pot, driving around Cheyenne Canyon, sneaking out. You know, it was almost like a core part of me growing up. For awhile I knew every lyric to every song, and so did all my friends. I guess the most prominent memory is hanging out in Sarah and Danny Barber’s basement having sing alongs. Danny would play guitar and I found out that my singing voice ain’t that bad. I will never have the confidence to sing in front of people like I was able to in their basement years ago. I hold onto that, I suppose.



Mercedez- Eleven Dollar bills

L: I still goo over this song. I love it so much, its a small band from Chicago that my friend Maria showed me. A small part of my love for this song is my inner hipster coming out because no one really knows about Eleven Dollar Bills. The lyrics really speak to me, all of them.

M: Any line in particular that stands out more than the rest?

L: “I keep a loaded hammer by my bedside drawer, hang pictures in the dark behind my heavy eyes…” It just reminds me that we all have our defense mechanisms, but it is important to realize what those are and if they are healthy for us. I tend to shut down when I observe one little negative social queue… kind of like the loaded hammer in my bedside drawer.


I had a great time interviewing Lucy, she really opened up which always makes the interview much better! Music can impact so many things in each persons life, and I can say with out a doubt that the music miss Lucy listens to, she listens too for a reason!