One thought on “Just Umphrey’s Killing It Again

  1. I really love the way Lucy connects the lyrics of certain songs specifically to stories and emotions. The experience of working at Stahmann’s Pecan Farms summed up as counting aphids on pecan trees all eight hours all summer long is completely awesome in and of itself, but it seems that in those moments we create a space for personal growth – the introduction of new lifestyles, ways of thinking, music tastes… they all come together to leave an impression and inspire us to develop further. One summer, I worked for Southwest Conservation Corps and our crew was camping up on Middle Mountain in Vallecito. We would drive down in a toaster van to the lake each day to work on a handicap accessible trail overlook. The thirty minute drive to and from our work site allowed for us to share our favorite songs, sing-along, and reflect. When the van broke down and the spare tire went flat the Saturday we were to restock supplies in Durango, we were able to finally relax into each other’s presence and memories as we challenged each other to name our top ten songs. Thank you for pursuing the depth of these connections so openly, both interviewer, Michelle, and interviewee, Lucy!

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