Music Interview With Rachel Giersch

When doing a music interview it is important to dig deeper into the subject. To ask questions that really make them think, not just the cliche questions that skim the surface. This interview with Rachel Giersch dives deep into her musical soul, letting audiences know how she truly feels when it comes to certain topics involving music.

  • If you could go back to see one musician/ band that aren’t alive/touring anymore, whom would you see? Why? Louis Armstrong… his voice, his trumpet playing, the influence of the swing era – he was revolutionary and it would be a blessing to go back in time to see him perform.
  • Aside from any instruments you may already play, what instrument would you like to learn? Why? I would love to learn the harmonica because it is easily transportable, great for outdoor excursions and fairly easy to practice and get decent at. On a week-long camping trip I had a cheap kids harmonica, and was obsessed with playing it to the sure annoyance of my friends.
  • What was your first concert? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not? Of course growing up in Colorado my first concert was Michael Franti and Spearhead. It was outside on a wonderful summer afternoon, and it was a dancing good time.
  • How do you feel about Phish? I am not someone who owns their full discography but I can definitely respect them as musicians and pioneers of blending music genres into a not so average rock album. I do have their album Rift and I like all songs, especially Horn, Rift, and My Friend, My Friend, and the song “Sparkle.” The latter is a song without many lyrics but a heavy repetition of the chorus “Laugh and laughing, fall apart” which speaks to either having a wild time with friends to the point of destruction or the lyrics suggest you put on a new identity with each friend to the point of confusion and falling apart.
  • Favorite song to fuck too? Um… That is personal.
  • What’s your favorite band and why? I don’t really have a favorite band. I do enjoy specific artists for different reasons and moods, such as a feeling of carpe diem and therefore needing to blast some Rudimental.
  • What band that is still touring today would you want to see? (That you haven’t seen before). I would kill to see Metric or Phantogram live.
  • What’s your favorite dance move? Liquid dancing
  • EDM… yes/ no/ thoughts? YES, but the good shit – no Calvin Harris or Avicii. Electronic dance music covers many bases and influences; I play drum & bass heavily.
  • What song do you find yourself singing in the shower the most? More recently “Will Do” by T.V. On the Radio; otherwise I like to imagine parakeets and cockatiels joining me in an anthem of “Could You Be Loved.”
  • What songs remind you of your childhood? Anything 90s alternative rock and occasionally Michelle Branch (mother loved her), lots and lots of Rush and U2, Spice Girls, Britney Spears, and anything from NOW (Now That’s What I Call Music!) volumes 1-15, or so…
  • What is one band you absolutely hate and why? Probably Lil Jon
  • What music is your guilty pleasure? I sincerely love Marshall Mathers.
  • What city do you think could be considered “the music capital of America?” Well, since every touring artist has to make a stop in Seattle or Austin, one of those two…?
  • What kind of music is the best to listen to getting ready for a first date? Something groovy like DJ Vadim
  • Favorite song to play as loud as you can in your car with the windows rolled down in the summer? Crystalised by the xx. Fricken genius and has definitely been on repeat during summer months, especially when I delivered pizzas to stoned customers who’d rather tip in weed.
  • Best song to cry to? Why? Anything Laura Marling, particularly “Breathe” or “Love Be Brave” on her album Once I Was An Eagle – she construes entire albums around a minor chord sound, which becomes the basis for all themes, lyrics, and meaning. And most times, the songs provoke and conjure up painful, hidden feelings, allowing you to feel them vulnerably… which can then lead to crying. Oddly though, the underlying theme of most of her songs is self-love and empowerment by facing the pain head on and working through it.
  • Do you like the Grateful Dead? Why or why not? What about Queens of the Stoneage? I am sick of everyone being so stoked on the Dead…sorry not sorry.
  • If you could go to one festival in the world what would it be and why? Hands down. It would be like entering a portal into a perfectly bizarre fairytale.
  • Biggie Smalls or Tupac? The Notorious BIG/Big Poppa


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