Music in Film- Shrek vs. Smash Mouth

Here’s a throwback for you- Smash Mouth and Shrek. Who doesn’t remember the opening scene for one of the best movies released by DreamWorks in the early 2000’s?

It’s a classic scene that is engraved in most 90’s kids brains, Shrek bathing in dirt, farting, burping, you know, doing all the gross stuff Ogres do. Perfect for kids, who can giggle at anything remotely disgusting. I think putting Smash Mouth at the beginning of the movie was such a good idea, because the late 90’s/early 2000’s were Smash Mouths prime. All the cool kids listened to hits like “All Star”, “I’m A Believer” and “Walking On the Sun,” and putting “All Star” right at the beginning of such an epic and familiar movie was a smart move, both for the film and the band.


Shoot- I just posted the song on my Facebook timeline, and within 15 minutes someone commented on it saying “SHREK.” This just only proves the point that even now in 2015, people still have that memory of the film triggered by the song. Who even knows the last time any of us college-aged people watched Shrek in full last! We love reminiscing¬†on that shit! Shrek and Smash Mouth forever!!