Modern Hungary

The modern Political state in Hungary is that of Fascism, and act in a similar way to Donald Trump This may seem odd because they are currently a member nation of the EU. You would be fair to ask. What makes it a fascist government? And that is not the shortest of answers.

In short Hungary has started treating non-Christian non-Hungarians as seconded class citizens and have been passing laws that promote everyday racism, similar to the Jim Crow laws here in America after the civil war until the civil rights movements in the 50’s and 60’s.

One example of this is Hungary’s law that changed the number of official religions in the country from well over 300 to just 14 churches, there was however, a large amount of outcry due to this law from the EU and the UN.

The other Major example of this is more recent and is the Hungarian law that allows the police and military to use things such as tear gas and rubber bullets against Syrian refuges. There has also been a large amount of outcry to this law, however, unlike the previous example nothing has been done about it.

And you have to remember that these are only two examples of laws that have come out of Hungary that degrade the rights of non-Hungarians. There are many more examples of laws that promote the people in Hungarian and degrade everyone else.

The political Party that is responsible for much of this racist legislation is Jobbick, which is the far right Fascist political party of Hungary. This party is directly responsible for much of this legislation. The party has, in recent years, been declining in popularity, but still holds a majority of the seats in the Hungarian Parliament., but it no longer holds a 2/3’s majority like it used to, which is what allowed it to alter the Hungarian Constitution.



So how does this affect us?

so does the current political trends in Hungary really mimic what Donald Trump wants us Americans to do? or is Hungary just like Nazi Germany and will just later become another political issue in Central Europe?