Take a Look Beyond the Beauties of a Place

Traveling and Tourism fuel the lives of people today. The feeling of changing ones surroundings to an uncomfortable place full of different cultures and people is entirely exhilarating. Whether we are travelling, vagabonding, or touring it is relevant that we fit the proper lens to achieve the experience desired.


I am blogging to those who have planned or are planning on visiting Africa.  Although this blog may apply to many parts of Africa I have researched the specific locations of Tanzania and it’s neighboring island to the east, Zanzibar.


Tanzania is rated within the top two groupings of countries benefiting from tourism economically. The natural attractions such as Mount Kilomanjaro and the Serengeti National Park are

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

worldly renowned for the exotic experiences they offer. Zanzibar is known for its secluded beaches all along it’s coast creating a picturesque honeymoon.

Najaru Beach, Zanzibar
Najaru Beach, Zanzibar

Throughout all the brochures and pamphlets or the travel agencies laying out the schedule for our safari.  Do they share information about the locals? Do they explain to you the underlying aggression or anger some of these people have towards different races? Do they give you the option of the true Tanzanian experience?

Yes and No, depending on whether we ask to be aware.

awarenessI am blogging in urgency to create awareness and to influence people to change their vacations into opportunities to be involved in helping this part of the world.

Although international news reports share the more present-day problematic situations going on in the world, it is relevant that past

newspapers-530influences are affecting the current stability of a country today.



Such instability is seen through the fact that one dispensary in Tanzania or Zanzibar is in charge of a region of up to 10,000 people.

Dispensary in Najari, Tanzania
Dispensary in Najari, Tanzania

Studies have shown that each dispensary might be expected to have at least 50 people with schizophrenia, 50 people with bipolar illness, 250–400 people with severe depression, and 50 people with epilepsy. These are the people seeking treatment; imagine the numbers of people who have no resources to reach the help needed and wanted.

Mental health has been questioned sense research has started on the human brain. Mental-IllnessWhat makes depression severe? What symptoms are under this classification? Professional psychiatric specialists have narrowed it down to a moral vs. medical causation.

Moral: A traumatic situation developing mental instability

Medical: A sort of cognitive imbalance physically developing mental instability

A detrimental experience that traumatized much of Africa was the colonial period. Flag_map_of_Colonial_Africa_(1939)The European powers took over Africa’s land through misleading and deceiving the indigenous people of the era.  After Tanzania and Zanzibar was taken over there were many changes made to the culture and lifestyles of the original inhabitants.  A hierarchy of racial superiorities was made and the African people were demanded to the bottom.

Hands of different races pointing

These people’s land was taken, their lives were sworn into slavery and the societal stigmas claimed them as inhuman.


According to Basil. S. Cave the commander of Zanzibar’s civil disorder act:

…there were the sudden attacks by bands of armed Arabs on unprepared and defenseless villages in the interior of Africa; the ruthless slaughter of the aged and infirm; the march of the raw slaves in chains and yokes, beaten and half starved, to the Coast, the sick and weaklings left by the roadside to die or to become a prey to wild beasts; the transit to Zanzibar and sale in open market; in many cases were overcrowded, battened down in foul holds and starving, the dead and dying mixed with the living; these are some of the things which, for those who have only heard or read of them, live in the imagination, and which those who have seen them can never forget.

Slave Memorial, Stone Town, Zanzibar

The treatment of these people physically and emotionally created a violent victimization that inherently affected their mentality. Presently, we could say that this traumatic experience and the mentality it caused have been passed on overtime into the generations living in Tanzania and Zanzibar today.


BombScene (901x672)
Bomb scene from popular Zanzibar Cathedral

Presently, there are high levels of hatred towards tourists visiting these places. This is seen through the many attacks on locations frequently visited by tourists in the last five years.


The past, the present, and the future are all things to consider when traveling to new parts of the world. Rather than going in blinded, I am attempting to open our eyes to the certain viewpoints people have instilled within them towards different races. We must use caution and be aware before traveling, and before planning a trip we should try and be involved in helping the world overcome it’s past, present, and future problems.



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