New Beginnings

Hello, welcome everyone! We have our new President TJ Trump, and Secretary Shandiin Dodge, and our current Treasurer Taylor Begay. We are excited to expand the club’s potential and allow our members to direct the course of the club in future years! We encourage anyone who is interested in joining our club or being involved to contact either TJ or Shandiin for more information about our club, or pick up one of our applications either in Prof. Bill Mangrum’s office or at the billboard in the Native American Center.

Meeting For October 4th Canceled

Hi everybody!
September 25, 2014<—- Last Week’s Notes
NAHS October 2 <—- Some Resources and Material to look over and we will talk about it in our meeting next wee October 9, 2014.
Volunteering Time Sheet <—— Start thinking about your ten hours of volunteering and start recording your hours!
There is a few people who are not going to be able to make it to the meeting tonight and Natalie as well as myself are not feeling too great so we will not be having the meeting tonight, but here are some resources for you! There are some volunteering opportunities and I put it in this word document so PLEASE look over it!
Dominique Wilson
P.S. I also attached the volunteering hours sheet and check out the blog at this site!

September 18th Meeting

NAHS September 16 2014 <— Here is a link to the meeting notes

Hello Everyone,
We will be having a meeting tonight, but it will probably run until 5:30 because we will be preparing for the RSO Fair @ 7 that will be in Animas. Thank you for your patience with me. I think that we had a great meeting last week with few people who turned up, but I revised the notes that I sent all of you and it would be great if you all could look over what I am sending you once more. If you have any ideas or opportunities please let us know so we can make it happen for all of us. I’ll be seeing you tonight.
Reminder: We will be meeting in Noble 115! and please let me know if you will not be attending the meeting and if you need anything extra from me so that I’m not leaving you out of the loop or with unanswered questions!
Dominique Wilson