Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

    • Section 1: The Mission Statement of the society is to recognize and promote academic achievement and superior scholastic ability among undergraduate Native American students at Fort Lewis College. (same)
    • Section 2: To develop programs that will enable members to participate in a variety of activities, all devoted to the promotion of community service among all Native American students on the Fort Lewis College campus. Which includes the promotion of education in outreach programs involving Native American students.
    • Section 3: To recognize those students who have excelled in academic discourse as well as presented themselves as a role model of society within any given field offered at Fort Lewis College.
    • Section 4: To promote the continuation of study within any given field by providing information about the many different facets and complexities and opportunities for advanced study within any given field. (same)
    • Section 5: Promoting a collaborative environment where students may discuss societal issues representing Native Americans and providing solutions through community involvement.

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